10 tips to choose a perfect domain for your website or blog

Choosing the perfect domain name for your web project is similar to choosing a business name: it requires time to reflect and consider many options.

Your domain is the identity of your website, and you have to make sure that your domain not only suits your business, but is also easy to find and promote.

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*Article with updated content in 2021.

Tips to choose the best domain for your website
It is normal that, when starting your online project, you are not clear about all the guidelines for choosing a good domain for your website.

To find the perfect domain name for your business, follow these steps:

Find an easy to write domain.

Choose a short domain name.
Use keywords.
Go to your geographical area.
Avoid numbers and hyphens.
Choose a domain that is easy to remember.
Check that it is available.
Use an appropriate extension.
Protect and build your brand.
Hurry up.
1. Find an easy-to-type domain
Finding a domain name Jordan Phone Number that is easy to type is critical to your online success.

First of all, opt for simple words. If you use jargon or words with different spellings (eg express, xpress) it will be more difficult for customers to find your website.

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To use complex characters found in other countries. For example, you should banish the letter eñe to facilitate access to your new website from any country.

It is also not recommended

2. Choose a short domain name
If your domain is long and complex, you may be at risk of your customers typing or spelling it wrong. If it is short and simple, much better.

3. Use keywords
Try to use keywords that describe your business or the services you offer. For example, if your business is dedicated to small rehabilitation works, you can register, for example, obraentucasa.com or rehabilitatuvivienda.com.

Include keywords so they can find you easily when they search for your products or services on the Internet.

It is true that for years Google has not considered the use of these keywords as an important factor that affects SEO positioning in search engines. In fact, it is one of the most common SEO myths.

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