11 Secrets To Effective Holiday Email Planning During COVID-19

Indeed, it is a difficult time for everyone around the world. Online shopping was obviously quite popular already, but with the pandemic situation, it has become even more important to get customers to switch to online stores instead of physical stores. Many of the physical stores are closing or allowing limited purchases in person. Due to this trend, we must be ready to launch our online operations to impart a seamless shopping experience to customers. With the holiday season just around the corner, you need to revamp your marketing strategy to address changing buying patterns. This also applies to your email marketing. So let’s try to understand what you can do to engage your email subscribers this holiday season in the context of COVID-19.

Expand your email marketing team for the holiday season 1. Plan well in advance with your backup strategy We generally recommend having a plan carefully drawn up at least 8 weeks before your vacation. However, considering the uncertainty surrounding the global crisis, it is imperative to have a backup plan to support the strategy Malaysia WhatsApp Number List another backup plan to support the previous backup plan. This will ensure that your marketing strategy is not in vain, even if it doesn’t work out as you hoped. Don’t spend too much time making a decision. Be agile and be prepared for any demand. 2. Don’t forget the empathic tone In the quest to generate more sales and higher profitability, you shouldn’t be too salesy. Keep the empathic tone alive in all your HTML email communications. That is the most important advice to follow during this pandemic situation.

Show Your Customers

That you care about them. 3. Communicate with your subscribers Since your subscribers will be eager to hear from you, you need to let them know how you’re approaching winter break this year. Get the most out of your email automation workflows and send relevant emails that are aligned with your activities. Holiday email subject lines, while bringing joy, should also have an empathetic tone. You can use this opportunity to re-engage inactive subscribers and get them to buy from you again. Also keep a humanized tone in all your automated communications, so your customers are more likely to convert. Focus on e-commerce operations Since your customers are more likely to prefer to stay home and order online, focus on your e-commerce operations.

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

Prepare your website for desktop and mobile, as well as the mobile app for the heavy traffic you may encounter after sending out that promotional email announcing the Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday sale. Try to emulate an ideal shopping experience for your customers. Update all the terms and conditions of your promotion in accordance with your holiday offers and expiration dates. Your product files must be updated so that there are no errors when submitting automated product recommendations. Assess how your product recommendation algorithms are performing and tweak them if needed. Also, evaluate your cart and navigate for abandonment triggers, whether or not they’re sending the right automated emails.

When You’re Planning

For the holiday season, keep coupon pools restocked for peak days while ensuring the correct expiration date. A good idea would be to have a checklist of all these points on hand so that nothing is lost in the middle of the workload during the busy season. 5. Have an email ready with the message “SORRY” Despite all these preparations, it can happen that something goes wrong and leaves your customers frustrated. To combat these issues, you should have an apology email in place. Also, prepare and upload your endorsement promotions and coupon codes on the e-commerce platform. Be prepared for shipping challenges you may face due to the crisis.

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