12 Powerful Tools for Cross-browser China Phone Number

If you expect your web apps to be used across multiple devices by global users and you haven’t done the proper testing yet, then now is the time.

Most product owners often test a web app in a few favorite browsers at fast internet speeds and once it looks good, launch .

That’s not cool if you’re targeting users from all over the world and developing modern apps.

But you may ask, how can I test on hundreds of browsers, devices all over the world?

It is possible without installing all browsers and buying all devices. It is possible to test from a cloud!

Let’s explore the following tools, which make testing possible to find the problem in real time before the customer complains.

LambdaTest , a new cloud-based testing software that allows you to test the following.

Live interactive browser test – launch a VM (virtual machine) in the cloud with the desired browser and devices for testing.

There are more than NO browser combination

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possibilities where you can do a test.

Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera
Mobile: Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Turn on
And not only the browser, but you can choose to launch it in the respective operating system.

Let’s take a real-time trouble scenario …

One of the users complaining about some function not working when clicking on it. A user is testing Yandex on Mac version 10.13.

How would you fix the problem?

Well, choose Yandex and select the version of the operating system. That’s it, as you can see I tried to launch Geekflare.

The good thing about this is that you can fully reproduce the problem, since you have a fully functional browser where you can interact with an application on your local PC.

Don’t stop there more you can do.


You can integrate the LambdaTest account with slack, asana , Jira, and Trello to send test details to the bug log.
Record a video so you can send it to China Phone Number your client or developer
Change the resolution like you do on your local computer
take a screenshot
How cool is that?

One-click Screenshot – Take a multi-browser/device screenshot of a given webpage with one click.

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