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Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing major changes in probably every area related to the human experience, from manufacturing and education to healthcare, finance, and even national defense . Also in the areas of business and commerce, artificial intelligence tools, systems, and applications are empowering organizations to streamline their operations, improve their human resource outcomes, and better serve their customers. Another area of ​​business where AI is proving increasingly indispensable in various ways is marketing . In its fifth annual State of Marketing report, Salesforce found that marketing leaders’ use of AI has grown 40% year over year.

Furthermore, AI in marketing is not limited to isolated use cases, but is used throughout the marketing lifecycle to meet customer expectations, gain an edge over the competition, and ultimately improve your business margins. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is one of the most powerful and popular marketing CRM solutions in the world. Equipped Qatar WhatsApp Number List Salesforce templates and features, SFMC streamlines and even automates marketing activities across multiple touchpoints. This includes email marketing. Plus, it’s powered by Einstein , a comprehensive AI platform that delivers powerful insights and predictive recommendations to drive the performance of email marketing campaigns.

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Experts to help you manage your email campaign But how can Einstein AI help marketers improve their marketing results and increase their ROI? Read this article to find out more! But first, let’s start by learning a little about Einstein. Einstein: SFMC’s powerful AI engine AI engine Source An overwhelming number of marketers report that AI helps them create 1-to-1 marketing campaigns across all customer touch points and also increases their overall marketing efficiency. In general, they need AI to: Improve customer segmentation Create personalized customer journeys and channel experiences Create dynamic and hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns …and more.

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And what exactly is Einstein? Einstein is a powerful AI tool built into Salesforce Marketing Cloud (and many other Salesforce offerings. Including Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Service Cloud). With Einstein, Salesforce has taken artificial intelligence out of the lab. However, “So everyone can be smarter with customers.” With Einstein’s comprehensive and integrated AI capabilities. Marketers can: Discover relevant information about your customers, such as how they interact with a particular email marketing campaign. Create groups and audience segments Create predictive customer journeys and personalized experiences across all channels.

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Of the ways marketers can leverage Einstein and SFMC to design, execute. Improve their email marketing campaigns: Identify and segment your target audience. To create personalized messages that surprise the audience. To interact intelligently with customers and on their terms. 1. Identify and segment your target audience. Segment the target audience Source Marketing to everyone equals marketing to no one. In today’s customer-centric marketing landscape, it’s foolhardy and even dangerous to assume. For instance, That the target audience is a homogeneous group that will be happy with a generic campaign.

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