5 Awesome Ways To Add Interactivity To Your Holiday Emails

All business owners know that the holiday season is the busiest and most productive time of the year. Most companies make 30% of their annual sales during this time of year. In 2019 alone, holiday season spending passed the trillion dollar milestone for the first time in the US! It’s safe to assume you’re already hard at work designing marketing campaigns that can help you optimize sales and revenue. But so are your competitors! To make sure your marketing efforts stand out from the crowd, you need to understand what resonates with your target audience. It goes without saying that email marketing remains the most effective channel for getting your message across to your potential buyers. According to a 2019 report, interactive emails have become one of the top marketing trends.

And an analysis of the email marketing ecosystem in 2020 reveals that this trend is only getting stronger! interactive emails chart Source So how can you go beyond text and images to make your message more dynamic, engaging and impactful? Similarly, Let’s find out! Why do interactive elements make emails more engaging? Interactivity in Brazil WhatsApp Number List refers to the inclusion of content in a way that requires your viewer to actively engage with your message and prompts them to proactively engage in accessing the full information. Features like swipe, flip, and tap are commonly used to make email content interactive. Why is this important? The first thing to keep in mind is that inboxes are getting more crowded than ever. With the global average of emails sent by businesses at 1.38 million, the likelihood of email fatigue among your subscribers is quite high.

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Perhaps disgruntled, subscriber opens a promotional email, interactive elements can mean the difference between whether they’ll engage with your message or instantly hit the delete button. According to one report, using visually appealing and engaging elements on a consistent basis can cause click-through rates to increase by up to 300%. In conclusion, When you use interactive elements like GIFs, sliders, navigation bars, and even videos, your subscribers are no longer passive recipients of your message. They become participants in the process, which makes them want to continue to engage with your message.

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The effectiveness of interactive elements in making emails more engaging can be summed up in the following benefits. Improved user engagement Higher conversion rates personalized messaging Quality lead generation Better odds of message being shared. Greater chances of getting customer feedback interactive email 5 awesome interactive elements you can send to your holiday emails. In the traditional email marketing environment. Moreover, There were a number of technical limitations that always left email content to catch up on the interactivity front. But the scope of adding an interactive edge to email marketing campaigns has expanded exponentially in recent years. Making every digital marketer’s dream come true.

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interactive elements you can leverage today to get your holiday emails striking the right holiday chord with your user base. 1. Add a fun element through gamification fun element through gamification Source Gamification, as the name suggests. Is about using game elements in your emails. This approach meets all the requirements of revealing marketing that makes interactivity attractive to the user. Your subscribers open an email and find something totally different from what they are to seeing. There’s a cool button that begs to. Most importantly, Along with the promise of a reward waiting on the other side. The idea is to make it extremely difficult for the reader to ignore it and move on. Gamification establishes a connection of action and reward in the minds of your subscribers.

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