5 Funny Prank Sites To Make You Look Like A Tech Genius

Different versions will trick everyone into believing that you are trying to hack into a government or corporate site. You can choose from 24 different themes which include visual studio, alien theme, umbrella, shield version and more. prank-geektyper Depending on the theme you choose, you’ll either get sounds to make the experience even more real, or pop-ups to trick everyone into thinking you just opened them. Some themes also have alarms that go off, tricking everyone into thinking you really tried to access a government website. If you need a little instruction, there’s a short video to walk you through how the site works. Conclusion You will have a lot of fun with these sites, tricking everyone into believing that you have gone to the dark side of technology. Which site do you think you will try first? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Shady URLs Whenever a friend sends you a URL, you can try to see what it’s about by reading a part. This way you will at least have an idea of ​​what it is. With a sleazy URL, you can trick your friends into believing that you sent them a virus or an IP thief. Even a Google URL can be turned into a suspicious URL. sleazy stuffing For example, if you Namibia Phone Number List, you get a URL that says something like goats.mov_x4l8fw_ip-stealer. This will definitely make your friend panic and wonder what he just received. If you’re looking for a quick and harmless prank, this is definitely the place to start. Related: How to block websites on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Android and iOS 5. Geeky typist Geek Typing is full of great options to trick your friends into thinking you’ve become a hacker.

Fake Update Screen

This lets you switch between open programs, use Internet Explorer 7, browse the web or play music on the Winamp favourite. Switch to fullscreen and the prank will begin, as your friends will believe you’ve loaded the real XP software and are living two decades in the past. Tech Genius Geek Prank Prank Sites When you want to take your prank to another level, load up the Jurassic Park software and make it look like you can control the cars driving around the park. Alternatively, you can load up the “Matrix Rain” software and try to convince your friends that The Matrix wasn’t just a movie. Don’t forget the FBI lock, which counts down from 60 minutes and makes it look like trouble is about to knock on your front door. Whichever program you select, there is something here that will fool your friends and family.

Namibia Phone Number List

There is also a Mac option which you can use to prank your Mac friends. There are a total of 10 options (although the Windows 98 page seems to be broken) with something for everyone, encompassing all major operating systems to prank your friends with. Tip : When pranking your friends with this trick, be sure to press on F11Windows or CMD+ Contrôler+ Fon macOS to make the browser go full screen. This will make the prank site more realistic. 3. Geek joke geek prank is one of the most feature-rich prank sites on the web, and with this site fooling your friends shouldn’t be a problem. Whether it’s opening the “Hacker” page to use a brute-force attack on passwords or cracking a Bios update on a Windows computer, you start with the Windows XP page.

When You Try To Place The Cursor On The Page

Fake update screen With Fake Update Screen , you can either scare your friends with what looks like an update that will wipe the entire disk, or what looks like a variety of operating system updates. This last option is great for tricking your friends into thinking they’re switching from Windows 10 to Linux, updating macOS, and more. Prank Sites Tech Genius Windows Updates When you try to place the cursor on the page, it will disappear. This will freak out your friends, thinking they are unable to stop the process. The option that will trick your friends into thinking their drive will be wiped is a Linux update. You can choose from 35 languages ​​in total for more realism with your friends. Related: Overcooked 2 Tips and Strategies to Serve You a 3-Star Victory In the upper left corner, you can see how far away the “update” is.

This prank site will take you to a page with a black background, and as soon as you start typing, all sorts of codes will appear on the screen. It doesn’t matter what keys you press because the screen will keep showing you the codes and making sure your friends believe you are really a hacker. After a while, the site will display an “Access Denied” message, making the hacking experience even more real. Click the settings button at the bottom of the screen to choose a new color, speed, font size, different font or even add your own file to “hack”. Each of these options can help make the “hacking” experience more real, further fooling your friends and family. It’s also a good idea for the site to include links to learn real IT skills involving cybersecurity and IT fundamentals.

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