5 Powerful Salesforce Marketing Cloud Strategies

In an increasingly noisy world, this statement makes people stop and take notice. But retail isn’t really dead; it is simply evolving . As customer demands change for better products, better service and more convenient communication touchpoints, the industry is at an inflection point. Even with email marketing, retail customers demand more personalized messages, personalized content, and special offers that meet their specific needs. This is why retail companies need to realign themselves to adapt to new technologies and resources for the retail industry, especially for email marketing. And one of the best ways to do that is by leveraging world-class Salesforce retail solutions, especially those within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) ecosystem.

SFMC’s tools can help position your retail business prominently through email marketing in this challenging customer-driven retail environment, if you know what strategies to use, when, and how. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign Here are 5 time-tested email marketing strategies to help you get Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List most out of SFMC for your retail business. Improve customer segmentation with Email Studio Customer segmentation is important in every industry, but in the retail industry it’s absolutely critical. After all, no brand would want to email tween girls with information about a new line of maternity wear, or bald men with special deals on hair straighteners.

With Audience Segmentation

You can understand the needs of your specific customer group(s) and align your email marketing strategies and messages, such as through email personalization, to meet those needs. And SFMC provides a number of segmentation resources for the retail industry. You can segment your audience on SFMC in a number of ways. But first, you need to decide which type of segmentation is most appropriate for your retail brand’s needs: demographic, behavioral, geographic, or psychographic. The next step is to model your data to analyze the relationships between your email subscribers with factors like orders, visits, and support cases. Data modeling provides a roadmap that enables retail email marketing managers and their SFMC specialists to make data-driven segmentation decisions.

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In SFMC, a data model is presented by different data ‘extensions’ such as: contacts Addresses Products. Product line items orders Basket (e-commerce) store visits subscriptions. Once your data model is set up, you can. Use data filters or write SQL queries to segment your audience in Email Studio. Please note that data filters can only be applied to data fields within Email Studio. Also, with filters, larger data sets are more difficult to work with. Especially if you need to target a very specific segment. In this case, SQL queries are a better option for segmentation. To learn more about audience targeting using data filters and SQL queries. Read our A Brief Guide to Audience Targeting in Salesforce Marketing Cloud article.

Three Possible Targeting

Strategies for your retail brand’s next email marketing campaign: 1. Notify subscribers about a new product. Kendall Kylie’s Last Email 2. Notify subscribers about a new store opening in their neighborhood. Use three data extensions in Email Studio: Contacts, Stores, and Subscribers. Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates 3. Re-engage inactive subscribers Sending emails to re-engage can increase customer retention rates. Furthermore, studies have shown that increasing this rate by just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%. Two data extensions will be: Contacts and Orders. Email template for re-engagement Source 2. Create personalized journeys with Journey Builder In today’s digital world, a retail customer’s journey consists of multiple stages and touchpoints. Each touchpoint can increase the customer’s awareness of the retail brand. Turn them into a loyal fan and brand advocate. So the mapping strategy must take all of these touchpoints into account.

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