5 Powerful Strategies To Re-Engage Your Email

Email marketing is powerful. But it doesn’t always work. And when this happens, you get offline subscribers ! These are the people who haven’t opened your emails for a while. But this doesn’t mean I just let them go, and here’s why. Disconnected subscribers are a big part of your email list. They chose to subscribe to your emails and they chose to hear from you. That’s why they’re still your audience. Working on your list of offline subscribers can improve the quality of your list, reduce churn, improve the health of your domain, and even convert your email subscribers into leads. And that ‘s why you need to re-engage your email subscribers for as long as possible.

But how can you re-engage your email subscribers? Well, if you’re using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) as your ESP, then you have plenty of strategies available to re-engage your email subscribers. We will cover 5 of these strategies Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List this short article. We will also provide a brief introduction to re-entry emails at SFMC. Let us manage your email campaigns at SFMC If you’re looking for more general information on resume emails or how to run a successful resume email campaign, check out our article here. What is a re-engagement email in SMFC? Think of a re-engagement email as a “Hi, we miss you!” It’s an effort to convince your readers to re-engage with your brand.

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Example: Resume email in SMFC Source Some ways to do this include: Polls and Surveys: Ask subscribers to complete a survey or poll, and send them a free gift or promo code when they complete it Competition: Use contests or giveaways to generate interest in your campaign. Coupon or Promo Code – Send a special promo code or coupon with a message reminding them that it’s been a while since they engaged with your emails. New Product Recommendations – Send a campaign with personalized product recommendations Before you send an email to re-engage with SFMC, make sure you: Remind them of the benefits of being a subscriber Personalize the interaction (see strategy #5 on personalization) Humanize your brand.

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Remember that you are sending emails to real people. Now that you know more about re-engagement emails at SFMC, let’s get into our first re -engagement strategy . #1: Identify Inactive Subscribers and Email Them to Re-Engage Inactive subscribers are those who have ‘opted in’ and have valid email addresses, but haven’t opened or clicked on your emails in a while. A good way to re-engage them is to send them reactivation emails. But before that, you need to know how to identify them. The most obvious way to do this is to start by defining an inactive period . So if a subscriber hasn’t opened or clicked on your email in, say, 30 days, you can mark them as ‘inactive’.

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Analytics ecosystem. This means that if you want to extract a list of compromised subscribers in SFMC, you can. And if you want to identify disconnected subscribers, SFMC can help you with that too. Find the Email Studio reports in the Analytics Builder . The two relevant reports are: 1. Subscriber Commitment This report shows which subscribers are more or less engaged with emails. You can specify the percentage of subscribers to include in this report based on the highest click-to-send ratio, or you can limit the report to only include subscribers to whom you’ve sent a certain minimum number of emails (say, 5). Use this report to identify your most engaged subscribers and target them towards special offers.

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