5 Smart Ways To Increase Email Marketing

Did you know that the World Bank predicts a baseline 5.2% contraction in global GDP in 2020 ? A contracting GDP implies lower consumer demand, changes in consumer behaviors and thus possibly lower consumption spending. Even big, well-known brands like Unilever acknowledge that today’s challenging global environment has led them to change their marketing tactics, rethink their priorities and review their spending to ensure it remains effective and appropriate. But even in times of uncertainty, customers keep their email inboxes vigilant, which means email marketing remains one of the biggest drivers of marketing ROI. So, in today’s challenging business and customer landscape, how can email marketers improve their email marketing ROI?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) has a number of tools that enable email marketers to keep up with today’s buyers while getting the most ROI possible from email marketing. Let us manage your email campaigns at SFMC So if you’re an China WhatsApp Number List marketer or Salesforce-certified email specialist, here are 5 email marketing tips and tricks (plus some interesting email marketing ROI stats) to help you increase email marketing. ROI of your email marketing. 1. Get off to a good start: with the customer The Salesforce Trends and Tactics Driving Marketing ROI report found that 71% of customers now expect real-time communication from the brands they interact with.

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‘Extraordinary’ experience increases their expectations of other companies, it is not only customer demand that drives email marketing efforts today, but the desire to offer memorable experiences to customers. So the first step to increasing email marketing ROI is to let customer expectations guide your email marketing priorities, strategies, and tactics. This means answering the question, “What are you trying to accomplish with this new email marketing campaign?” with a response like “Engage current customers, inspire new customers, and stand out in the inbox.” Set clear intentions to improve the value of your emails to recipients. Determine your KPIs (eg click-through rate per link over time) and goals (eg 5% increase in subscriber base over six months). If you don’t understand these things beforehand, you could end up emailing too much.

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Modernize your email marketing “toolbox” with the right technologies Another interesting email marketing ROI stat in the Salesforce report. 89% of successful email marketers prioritize revamping their email marketing toolbox for personalization and other in-demand strategies. Another 88% also recognize the importance of unifying their customer data sources. To keep your email marketing program ahead of the competition, make sure your technology stack, tools. Data are sharp and always focused on customer needs and goals. Moreover, Here are some helpful email marketing tips and tricks you can try: 1. Warm up your IP address If you email every prospect right away. It will set off a red flag for spam filters. Build a reputation by starting with your best lists. Keep sending low volumes for the first week or two and then increase until you reach your goal.

Configure Email Authentication

Email authentication protects your brand reputation from spammers. Set up rules to determine how your emails will be sent, so fraudulent senders can’t mimic you. Use systems like the Sender Policy Framework, DomainKeys, or DomainKeys Identified Mail to do this. 3. Keep an eye on bounce rates To keep your emails out of spam filters. Most importantly, Into customer inboxes, regularly check your bounce rates. SFMC Email Studio provides several reporting options to track email campaign performance and troubleshoot deliverability issues. 3. Focus on “full funnel” email marketing Here’s an interesting email marketing ROI stat. The number of marketers tracking lifetime customer value (LTV) is projected to grow 107% in the next few years.

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