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When you test drive a new car, what do you do? Get the car expert to explain all the features that would help you achieve a smooth driving experience, right? What if you didn’t know what features it has? Obviously, you won’t be able to use it to its full potential. This analogy fits perfectly into the world of CRM and automation tools out there. We often hear from customers that they are using this XYZ tool but don’t know how to get the most out of the price they pay for it. Since we introduced Marketo’s specific campaign management services, we’ve had a number of customers who are new to Marketo and struggle with the range of features it offers. It’s natural for novice Marketo users to feel overwhelmed and confused about how to use it properly.

Let us begin! 1. Review the Marketo docs (like literally!) As well as having a user manual for all electronic devices (and even drugs!), Marketo also has a wealth of resources, put together by the Marketo Documentation and Products team, to help Canada WhatsApp Number List hobbyists and beginners. The experts. Marketo’s product documentation acts as a one-stop shop for just about any answer you may be looking for, whether it’s regarding Marketo features, functionality, or fundamental terminologies. Just type your question in the search bar and you’ll get an answer through the docs. Users can also share their comments on these articles with the help of the “Article Comments” button at the bottom of the page.

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Release notes that would enlighten users on platform improvements and add-on features. Marketo Product Documentation A piece of personal advice I want to share here is: learn to do things the right way and good things will follow (Read: better business growth). 2. Be a part of free Marketo training Marketo’s free training not only helps beginners get familiar with the platform, but also experts hone their expertise. It includes best practice videos that have all the practical tips needed for perfect execution and skill development. These short training videos cover everything from digital marketing fundamentals to multi-channel marketing, email marketing, lead and data management, sales integration, and holistic reporting and analytics.

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Get help from the Marketo community If reading through the myriad of resources seems too tiring, you can post your question in the Marketo community. Marketo users will help you solve your problem. To learn anything, you need to know where to learn from. The Marketo Community Blogs and Champion Blogs are the best places to gather knowledge about the platform. Market community Remember that user generated content can sometimes give you amazing ideas to solve your problem. 4. Study at Marketo University Marketo University paves new avenues to empower marketers through certifications, training courses and learning paths for the Marketo product. Document everything and create your own study material so you can get Marketo certified.

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Forum can also help you with this. There is a group on LinkedIn by the name: Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Certification Group. You can connect with experienced professionals through this group and discuss all things Marketo. Uplers has quite a few certified Marketo associates who can help you if you’re looking for help using the platform. Get in touch >> 5. Learn through trial and error There are certain things. That you may not be able to find in any of these resources. These areas can best be learned through trial and error. There are many things that go into building a successful marketing campaign, starting with generating quality leads. Implementing emails, having high-converting forms and landing pages, maintaining multi-channel marketing campaigns. Monitoring the performance of all these campaigns.

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