6 Reasons Why Email Traffic Is Better Than Regular

Do you have a small business? So, you may have been looking for ways to connect and build relationships with your prospects and customers. You want to create valuable traffic for your site. And if you’re not using email to do that, you may be missing out on a precious opportunity to succeed. However, some questions may arise, is it true that email marketing can bring about a significant change in your business? Is it true that stores can generate more effective traffic through email? Yes, to help you get the answers, we’re going to list six reasons why email traffic is better than regular traffic. Let’s start now! 6 reasons why email traffic is better than regular traffic.

Email helps you connect more mobile customers emails connect more mobile customers It is undeniable that people are more inclined to use mobile. There are expected to be around 3.8 billion people using smartphones worldwide in 2021. The popularity of email on mobile makes it useful for driving more traffic to your online stores. According to El Salvador WhatsApp Number List (2019), 60% of email opens come from mobile devices. Unlike an app or SMS marketing, this type of online marketing will not require large investments in new technology or software. Plus, it helps your business access customers on other types of mobile devices, like tablets, not just smartphones. 2. Customers prefer emails customers prefer emails Email marketing is a powerful tool to get more traffic because customers prefer emails.

Many Small Businesses

Running marketing campaigns on tight budgets. In other words, they can’t waste time and money on marketing tactics that won’t focus on their target market. While social media has been a common channel for businesses to engage with their customers, brands are sometimes unable to achieve organic reach. However, social networks are not the exclusive solution. Emails also offer a direct way for businesses to connect more with their prospects and buyers. People often sign up because they want to receive updates from you. You send some promotions and discounts. They are eager to tap the link to your site to explore more information.

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Email marketing is profitable Many small businesses run on a shoestring budget, so they need to find ways to make every penny count to reach their audience. While traditional marketing methods like print or TV ads can cost a lot of money, email marketing only requires a small investment. The exact cost of your strategies will depend on a few factors, including the resources you already have. If you don’t have the internal resources to support and implement email marketing strategies for your business, you may need outside help. Example – Follow up email used in Magento 2 platform is a great solution for you. The module will help you create and send multiple emails triggered according to customer behaviors to build productive relationships with consumers and drive repeat purchases.

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Email drives conversions email drives conversions Do you know that the average click-through rate of an email campaign is about 3%, while that of a tweet is about 0.5%? That means the chance of someone clicking through to your site via email is 6 times higher than Twitter. A study shows that 4.24% of email marketing visitors would buy something. While only 0.59% of social media and 2.49% of search engine visitors would take the next step . Email marketing is the method you should invest in to drive better traffic, improve conversion rates, and grow your business more successfully. 5. Email marketing is easy to measure email marketing simple to measure Almost all email marketing tactics allow you to track what happens after you’ve sent your HTML email.

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