7 Types Of Email Campaigns You Should Send

Homepage Articles Junk mail 7 Types of Email Campaigns You Should Send from Salesforce Marketing Cloud 7 Types of Email Campaigns You Should Send from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Published: 2020-08-05 Work hard to create responsive and personalized email marketing campaigns that impress and delight your target audience. And if you’re using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), great choice! But ask yourself if you’re following your customer’s overall business journey with your campaigns. Otherwise, you may be missing the whole purpose of your email marketing efforts. A good way to get back on track with your email strategy is to understand the different types of campaigns you can run in SFMC.

And thanks to a number of customizable Salesforce email templates, you can create an email based on your particular business strategy or goals. And if your SFMC email specialist is up to speed on email template production as well as Salesforce email marketing best practices, you can definitely create amazing SFMC email campaigns over and Latvia WhatsApp Number List again! ! In this article, we want to show you the 7 types of SFMC email campaigns you should be using for your brand. Read this article along with our article on Salesforce email marketing best practices and strategies here to help you get the most out of this amazing platform. For more information on producing email templates, check out our article here [LINK]. So, back to the types of emails.

Welcome Email Source

Welcome emails are 9x more likely to convert than typical emails Subscribers who open welcome emails show 33% more long-term engagement with a brand (Source: Salesforce.com ) With a welcome email (or a series of emails), you can take the first step in building rapport with your customer. You can begin to familiarize your audience with your unique brand voice and gently guide them to their next steps. Best practices for welcome emails: Send them immediately. A late welcome email is as good as no email at all Personalize your message (at least with the name of the recipient) If you’re running a series, the first email should focus on the highest-value action. Keep collecting information about your subscribers and tailor the content in subsequent messages based on their previous responses Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates.

Latvia WhatsApp Number List

Post-purchase emails A purchase should not mean the end of your brand’s relationship with the customer. Nurturing the relationship and continuing the conversation with them can keep them on board for longer. Existing customers are 9x more likely to convert compared to new customers (Source: thegood.com ). So why not make an effort to keep them on board? And a post-purchase email is a great way to do that! There are many types of post-purchase emails you can send. A thank you email A product review email request Product email information: features, care instructions, disposal instructions, etc.

Cross-Sell Email Purchase

Email Source Thank you Email Source Best practices for post-purchase emails. Send them right away, especially the thank you email type. Keep the tone non-aggressive and not ‘advertising’ Let. The customer say No Make sure the content is focused on value to them and not to you. 3. Abandoned Cart Emails In 2017, nearly 60% of customers abandoned their carts (Source: Freshrelevance Q4 2017 Real-Time Marketing Report ). Abandoned cart emails allow you to guide interested, but not quite yet, potential customers past the final hurdle to purchase. This type of email can be particularly powerful if abandoned cart rates are very high. This is similar to missed opportunities that can be recovered, but only if you act quickly.

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