8 Dos And Don’ts Of Building Effective Email

Virtually all successful brands agree that if there’s one digital marketing initiative that produces some of their best results (higher quality leads, more conversions, better customer experiences, and ultimately, happier customers) it’s email marketing . If you’re a B2C email marketer , Salesforce Marketing Cloud (“SFMC”) is one of the best ESPs out there. It’s packed with amazing features to help you (and your SFMC specialist) create impressive Salesforce email campaigns that your customers will want to open and engage with. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign Ready to create an amazing Salesforce email campaign with SFMC? Read this guide first! DO #1: Segment your audience Today’s customers are looking for more than just transactional relationships with their favorite brands.

They seek experiences . Still, many email marketers make one basic mistake with their campaigns: They send the same campaign to everyone. When you do this to your subscribers, you will lose them, possibly forever. This is why segmenting your audience is so crucial. SFMC provides a number of tools like Journey Builder and Email Studio Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List help you segment your audience effectively and easily. Tips for effective segmentation in SFMC: Understand who you need to target and where they are in their lifecycle with your brand Audit the current customer experience to understand what they need and how your brand can help them meet those needs. Use data extensions in SFMC. Customize them to store particular types of customer data, for example, contact details or purchase histories.

Then Apply Relevant Filters

To create different customer segments for different types of email campaigns. For a simple subscriber model that contains no other business or transactional information, use lists and groups in SFMC Email Studio #2: Create personalized content and personalized emails We can’t stress this enough! No one likes receiving emails that start with “Dear User” or “To Whom It May Concern”. People also don’t appreciate emails that appear to be intended for someone else. A few years ago, a well-known e-commerce company sent a “baby registry” email to people with no babies on the way. You can easily create custom content in your Salesforce email campaigns using Email Studio in SFMC.

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Make sure your SFMC specialist: Uses the drag-and-drop features. The Customize Available Email Templates tool if your campaign needs to go out quickly. Use reusable content blocks to quickly fill in email layouts Some more content personalization tips for SFMC. Create high-quality copy that matches the purpose of the email. A re-engagement email should look and feel different from a ‘thank you for coming to our event’ email. Resume Email Source Thank you email Source Avoid the use of “spam” words in the content. Use Content Detective in SFMC Email Studio to identify these words before sending the email. Create different content for on-trip and off-tour arrival emails Email Tempalte – Airbnb Source. Create Mobile-Optimized Emails In 2019, mobile devices were the most popular reading environment, accounting for 42% of all email opens.

If Your Email Campaigns

Are not mobile-optimized, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for higher conversions, engagement, and even sales. Tips for creating mobile-ready email templates: Try the links. Broken links are a strict no-no Images load correctly Text should be legible and not cluttered Scrolling. Navigation should be easy Keep subject lines short – 25-30 characters maximum Use pre-header text to entice readers to open. The email Modify your copy to make sure it fits well on a. Mobile device screen Display the CTA text clearly and in the top half of the page. Create Browser-Independent Emails Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates. Pay attention to email deliverability You and your SFMC email specialist worked hard to create a memorable email campaign.

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