8 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Google Maps

Follow businesses and public events Event tracking option on Google Maps 1. Find a business or public event on Google Maps. 2. Touch the dot representing the company. 3. On the information screen that appears, choose the “Follow” option. You will now receive business updates on your card in the “For You” section. 8. Switch to night mode during the day Google Maps Color Scheme Options Night mode usually activates during the night, but you can also activate the function during the day to save battery: 1. Go to “Navigation Settings” in the Settings menu. 2. Scroll down until you come to the Color Scheme option. 3. Switch the scheme from “Automatic” to “Night”. Conclusion Google Maps is a useful accessory for your travels with new features added to the application regularly. Use the tips above to master Google Maps and allow it to help you on your journey.

Related: 13 Little Productivity Tips That Produce Massive Results 5. Create lists of your favorite places Google Maps Backup Lists You can separate places you visit regularly into different listing categories. Like professional, fun, out of state, etc. : 1. Find the Australia Mobile Number Database on Google Maps that you want to save. 2. Tap the dot representing the location on the map. 3. Tap the location address that appears at the bottom of the screen. 4. Tap the “Save” icon next to the share icon and assign the location to a list or create a new list. 6. Change songs without leaving the Google Maps screen Google Maps music playback settings 1. Open “Settings” on Google Maps. 2. Go to “Navigation settings”. 3. Turn on the “Show media playback options” switch. Music control options will now appear at the bottom of the Maps screen.

Switch To Night Mode During The Day

You will see the blue dot on the screen representing your current location. Tap the dot and you will see three options. Tap the “save your parking” option to pin the location to your map. You can also add a photo to the location for better recognition. 4. Share location with friends Google Maps share location Finding friends in a new place can be quite difficult if everyone is coming from different directions to a common space. With the “Share your location” function, you can direct your friends directly to your current location. To activate it, simply tap on the blue dot representing your location and choose the “Share your location” option on the page that appears on the screen. Now select the people you want to share this information with.

Australia Mobile Number Database

All you have to do is double tap anywhere on the map screen. On the second press, keep your finger pressed. Lift your finger up to zoom out on the screen and lower your finger to zoom in. You can then choose to lift your finger and scroll to another section of the map to zoom in or out. 2. View your Google Maps history Tap the three buttons in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to your timeline and choose a day on the calendar icon. You will be able to see your location history that day, including any new places you have visited and where you may have forgotten the location. 3. Mark where you parked your car Google Maps Save Parking After parking your car in a parking spot, turn on Google Maps.

Follow Businesses And Public Events

Since the release of Google Maps, Google has added many useful features to it. While you could just use the basic mapping feature, here are eight ways to make full use of Google Maps to give you a better travel experience. Summary 1. Zoom in and out with one finger 2. View your Google Maps history 3. Mark where you parked your car 4. Share location with friends 5. Create lists of your favorite places 6. Change songs without leaving the Google Maps screen 7. Follow businesses and public events 8. Switch to night mode during the day Conclusion 1. Zoom in and out with one finger It can be difficult to navigate the map while driving. You can zoom in and out of the screen with just one finger.

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