8 Ways CRM Plays A Vital Role In Driving Email Campaign

There was a time when marketers had to use a different tool for each marketing channel. But then came a savior: customer relationship management software, or CRM. The various CRM tools have made it possible to integrate all channels into a single platform and take a holistic approach instead of a siled marketing strategy. A CRM software is used to get information about your prospects and customers as well. Based on this information, you can formulate an impactful marketing strategy that will help you drive more conversions and better sales. If you’re an email marketer struggling to improve the performance of your email campaigns, CRM email marketing will enable you to gain clear insights into how your prospects or customers are interacting with your brand and target them with more targeted communication. relevant.

Expand your email marketing team for the holiday season Here are the top ways CRM can play a crucial role in increasing your email engagement and ultimately the performance of your campaigns: 1. Segmentation The first step to successful email marketing is segmenting your target audience. CRM solution provider SuperOffice has revealed Japan WhatsApp Number List hyper-segmentation can help your business in several ways, as listed below. It is clear from the graph above that email list segmentation with the help of CRM increased open rates for 39% of respondents. While it helped 15% of respondents in customer acquisition and 18% in increased transactions, 21% saw an increase in customer retention and 24% saw an increase in deliverability, sales opportunities and revenue.

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Segmentation based on age, geographic location, demographics, etc. On the other hand, CRM allows you to better filter the audience based on advanced segmentation criteria such as past purchases, previous interactions with the brand, downloaded resources and purchase frequency, to name a few. Integrating email marketing into your CRM can facilitate better segmentation which, in turn, would improve your email marketing campaigns. 2. Hyper-Personalization CRM not only allows you to do basic personalization on your emails, but also allows you to incorporate other information collected through CRM tools. By doing so, you can target your subscribers with hyper-personalized emails based on their preferences. Also, if you’re using a CRM like Salesforce or Marketo, you can use predictive content and analytics to employ AI in your email marketing strategy.

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This, in turn, will allow you to send targeted emails triggered based on customer action in real time. For example: If you have an online retail store. You can send different offers to your audience based on their gender or geographic location. In case you want to send more targeted emails, you can consider your past purchases or browse history to send personalized emails. Suppose a customer has purchased a pink party dress at her store. You can send an email promoting pink stilettos or matching earrings that would entice her to buy from you again. On the other hand, if a male customer has bought a white shirt on her e-commerce site. She may consider sending him matching ties, shoes, or suits. 3. Lead Nurturing Email marketing is the best channel to nurture your leads and persuade them to take action.

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Stream of leads in your CRM, you can collect more information about them. Reach out with emails that deliver more value. Unless you reach out to subscribers with relevant information, you can’t expect them to convert. With CRM tools, you can recognize your prospects’ challenges. Present your product or service as a tool to overcome those problems. The lead scoring feature that comes with CRM tools like Marketo helps score leads according to their engagement metrics. Based on this information, sales executives can reach customers with helpful content and follow-up emails. 4. Custom Email Templates CRM tools come with customizable email templates with. The help of which you can create winning email designs to attract your customers.

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