Email Design Hacks: Creating A Functional Email Experience

The user experience is what dictates the domain of the modern consumer. People are attracted to brands that provide a great user experience. To provide a good user experience, it is important to make the user feel valued and comfortable. There are two ways you can provide a good user experience in your business emails: by personalizing communication-based on behavioural history and by providing a user-friendly interface. While personalized communication isn’t enough to connect email subscribers to your brand, you need to rejuvenate your email campaigns and create email designs that are engaging and functional.

Using email marketing tricks along with design certainly improves the performance of your campaigns. Creating a functional email design The basic components of an email Before you start creating a functional email design, it’s important to understand the basic components of an email as well as its functions. F&M Functional Email Design Nepal B2B List shown in the Fortnums & Mason email example above, we will discuss: subject line Previous header text email design Images email copy call to action button Footer the subject line is the first point of contact for your subscriber. This average 45 character sentence is where your subscriber decides whether or not to open your email.

Your Subject Line Should

Culminate your subscriber’s curiosity, which will be satisfied by your email copy. While different email clients can only display limited characters, the best practice is to keep the subject line between 41-50 characters. However, this doesn’t mean you have to include everything in your subject line. Pro Tip: According to a Yes Lifecycle Marketing press release, personalized subject lines can increase open rates by 50%. Pre-header text Pre-header text is the text that is visible after the subject line. What’s left in the subject line can be picked up by the previous header text to further help develop the subscriber’s curiosity. The preheader text is visible in mobile clients and webmail clients like Gmail and Yahoo.

Nepal B2B List

Rejoiner conducted an A/B test for and saw a 7.96% increase in open rates for email with pre-header text compared to email with no pre-header text. Functional forwarding email design Pro Tip: You can make your preheader text actionable with words like “Click here” or with a suspense. Email Design Once your subscriber has opened the email, it’s time for your email design to shine. Since most subscribers tend to scan emails for important information, a functional email design will help them do this. The most used email designs are: Inverted Pyramid Lyft. Inverted Pyramid Functional Email Design (Image source: Really Good Emails ) In the above email from Lyft. You can see that the email starts with a bold header, and gradually the scan path narrows down to the CTA button and image.

By Following The Path

You can identify an inverted triangle. Zig Zag Campaign Monitor – Zig Zag Functional Email Design (Image source: Really Good Emails ) Placing images. Associated text in a zig-zag pattern reduces the overall length of the email. Making it easier for subscribers to scan the content. A single column Envato – Single Column Functional Email Design (Image source: Really Good Emails ). This email from Envato already has all the email elements. Stacked into a single column that scales to the width of the screen. Doesn’t for to mobile layout. Pro Tips: The inverted pyramid layout is best for promotional and image-heavy emails. It is best to use a zig-zag layout for newsletters. A single-column layout is ideal for creating responsive emails without jumping the hurdles of rearranging elements.

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