A Quick Intro To Sales Email Templates In Salesforce Marketing

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), Sales Email Templates and Business Email Templates give you the freedom and flexibility to add custom content directly into a well-designed, pre-made file. Also, you can reuse the same template for multiple campaigns with different content and/or graphic elements. Overall, by using a sales email template or business email template at SFMC, you can completely overhaul your email production process and focus on what really matters: building meaningful relationships with your audience. In this short guide, we’ll share useful information about SFMC email templates, as well as provide some tried-and-true tips and best practices to help you get the most out of them for your next email marketing campaign.

So, if you’re an SFMC Email Specialist or leading a team of SFMC Email Specialists, this article is for you! What are the types of sales email templates and business email templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? SFMC mainly provides 4 types of email templates. 1. Text Email Templates This is one of the simplest sales email examples. It contains Lebanon WhatsApp Number List text, not visual or graphic elements, so it is not possible to format elements such as font color or size, bold text, etc. Text email template Source In general, all users can create or change text email templates (to the extent changes are possible), not just administrators. 2. HTML Email Templates (with letterhead) Administrators and users with “Edit HTML Templates” permission can create HTML email templates in SFMC based on a letterhead.

Your SFMC Email Specialist

Will first need to create your letterhead, the “visual container” for your email. Next, they select an email layout to specify how the template’s content will be distributed. With this option, you can change the format and also modify the content as needed. The great thing about the HTML sales email examples in SFMC is that all the formatting can be done using the Formatting Controls; no prior knowledge of HTML/CSS is required. HTML letterhead templates can be used when sending emails manually. Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates 3. Custom HTML Email Templates These templates are created without letterhead. To customize the layout and format of the email, your SFMC email specialist will need to know HTML and know how to get the HTML code to insert into the template.

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You can reuse custom HTML templates when sending emails manually. But you can’t modify the layout or content of the email. When creating a custom HTML template, if you leave the text-only version blank. SFMC automatically creates text-only content based on the current HTML code. However, if you manually create a text-only version, edits to the HTML version are not in it. 4. Visualforce Email Templates Visualforce cold email templates can only be created by administrators. Developers, and require HTML, CSS, and Apex knowledge. They allow advanced merging with a recipient’s data, where the content of a template can contain information from multiple records. Not just the current record.

With Visualforce Templates

Your administrator or developer can also specify a “Reply-To” address. Visualforce Email Template Source When sending emails manually, this email template. However, you cannot modify the design or content of the email. The 4 types of templates above can include text and combine fields to customize them. They also allow you to include attachments. How to Create a New Cold Sell Email Template in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Follow these easy steps to create a new sales email template or business email template in SFMC: Go to Settings > Communication Templates I Email Templates OR Settings > Email I My Templates Select New Template Select the type of template you want to create Add a letterhead (see section below) if you are trying to create an HTML letterhead template, see.

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