10 Tips For Running A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Although email marketing is a decades-old marketing practice, it is also an ever-evolving medium. With regular market updates, changing design trends, adaptive customer behavior, and faltering market statistics, as a marketer, you not only need to stay up-to-date with developments, but also master the art of running an email marketing campaign. electronically by implementing changes. A 2019 study revealed that nearly 29% of email deliverability issues were faced by marketers, either because marketing goals weren’t well defined or the organization wasn’t using the right tool. No matter how much time a marketing team spends on email design, copy, and coding, in the end, if they haven’t devised a strategy to leverage it for the right audience, it’s impossible to realize their target ROI.

Additionally, another 35% of marketers said that the biggest problem they face in an email program is poor data quality and lack of staff. And that’s precisely why outsourcing your email marketing needs, whether it’s for a business email template or managing an entire campaign, is considered a smart move. If your organization is short-staffed Sweden WhatsApp Number List has great ideas but doesn’t have the technical support to deliver amazing email content, you can outsource tasks from designing and coding email templates to managing an entire campaign and auditing email programs. email. With that said, let’s jump right into the 10 tips you need to keep in mind when planning, strategizing, designing, and delivering a successful email campaign.

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A successful email campaign: step by step Set a well-defined goal Your email campaign conversion-oriented or content-oriented. Conversion-oriented emails are more inclined to achieve a desired ROI, while emails with content-oriented goals will drive the viewer to the desired action. The latter traditionally comprises trigger-based elements built into layout and copy. For example, an engagement email won’t directly point to a sale. But a promotional email will go a long way toward driving the customer toward making a purchase. Here are some examples of emails that are well, goal programs.

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Welcome email Welcome Email Template Source: Really Good Emails This welcome email from Lush lists the products they offer. Offers shopping tips for newcomers to explore. engagement email engagement email template. This email from Email Uppers, formerly Email Monks, is completely interactive and fun. Does not entice the reader to make a purchase. It is more of a portfolio of very attractive emails that by your email developers and designers. Promotion Email promotion email template Source. Really Good Emails This email sent by Email Uplers , is a promotional email, with service rate sheets. Coupon codes and CTAs directed to the respective service.

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Really Good Emails This email from Google is a simple yet effective retention. Email backed by light copy and an eye-catching hero image. Build a healthy email mailing list Once you’ve decided on your goals regarding your email campaign. You need to make sure you’re sending it to the right audience. Only then can you hope to produce the desired conversion. Make sure your email list is on demographics and customer journey. Only then will you be able to send relevant emails to your customer’s inbox. Doing this religiously will improve your email deliverability, open rates, and overall email performance. Send the right message Getting a visitor to open an email, in itself, is a huge task.

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