Afghanistan Phone Number A review of the entrepreneurial experience of a psychological counseling Internet platform

I have written several articles about the entrepreneurial experience of this psychological counseling platform. In one article, I said that I would do a review Afghanistan Phone Number of this experience. Later, due to reasons (procrastination), I didn’t write an article. I didn’t expect that a reader added to my WeChat a few days ago, and then took a screenshot of the review content that I promised to write in the article in the chat, and I didn’t have it all at once. reason to procrastinate. However, since more than a year has passed, some items may not be remember Afghanistan Phone Number very clearly, and there may be omissions in details. This reminds me again and again, don’t delay, remember.

What is the operation logic of the project

Through the establishment of an Internet consultation and confidence platform, it matches consultants and users, provides online and offline Afghanistan Phone Number consulting services, and solves users’ needs for psychological counseling and emotional confiding.

In the later period, the function was continuously improved, and the introduction of popular science, psychological testing, psychological relate Afghanistan Phone Number courses, question-and-answer, and training for consultants continued to grow into a pan-psychological comprehensive service platform.

Why do this project

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

For everything you do, there must be a reason. Even in the small things in life, we may be affect by the subconscious, we are not well aware of the Afghanistan Phone Number reason, or we can know the reason why we do this thing. It is great to be able to clearly know the motivation and reason for doing something.

There are several reasons why I do a counseling program:

a. In 2016 or so, there was a period of time when I felt more depressed, why? Because the previous company made a platform for intra-city delivery, the timing was good, and the business model was run through, but for various reasons, it was not able to continue Afghanistan Phone Number to advance, and the project was close. Under this circumstance, I resigned from the company and entered a period of low ebb, and my mental state was not very good. Later, through reading books, I met a group of book friends, read books together every week, held book clubs on the Internet, and came out step by step. During this time, I read some books on psychology, which was a seed.

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