Cart Abandonment Emails: Why A Series Is Better Than A Single Email

Cart abandoners are a nightmare for online retailers. According to a study by the Baymard Institute, on average, 69.23% of potential customers and buyers abandon their shopping carts. When shoppers leave items midway without purchasing, retailers face lost sales and revenue. Considering the number above, if you have 1,00,000 shoppers visiting your online store on a daily basis, there is a higher chance that 60,000-70,000 of those shoppers will abandon items in the cart. And even if we consider that the average value of the product is $50, the loss it bears will be worth $3 million. Isn’t that huge? Retaining lost customers is easier than acquiring new ones.

A series of cart abandonment emails can help… Cart abandonment emails can be a great sales recovery tactic. It can help you retain your customers who abandoned their purchase in the middle. By sending timely emails to abandoners, you can build loyalty and trust in them and keep them from targeting your competitors. The best practice to retain your lost Algeria B2B List disinterested customers is to know the reason for the cart abandonment and then find a suitable solution to bring them back and complete the purchase. This can be done by setting up a proper cart abandonment automation campaign with a series of emails. How to set up a cart abandonment campaign? You can’t always retain your customers with just one email.

There Is A Lot Of Clutter

And your customers can easily get distracted. To bring them back to your online store, you need to investigate their online browsing behavior and buying pattern, in order to create a full-fledged cart abandonment email campaign. Here are some steps you need to follow: Know the reason for the abandonment Your prospects and customers abandon carts for various reasons. Many times, buyers browse your store, place products in the cart and before checking out, go to your competitors’ website and look for a better product in terms of price, design, features, delivery time, shipping, etc. When they do, try to find out the reason for their abandonment by studying their browsing pattern and past purchases or asking them to contact you with questions and concerns.

Algeria B2B List

The reasons for abandonment could be one of these: no purchase intention Higher shipping costs / additional costs no express shipping. The need to create an account Payment security issues Complicated payment process. No coupon code website errors No satisfactory return policy build a plan Once you find out the reason for the abandonment. Yyou now need to find a suitable solution to the problem. Create a plan to get them interested in the product again. First of all, keep your pricing transparent so visitors to your website don’t change their minds in the end because of added costs. Also, make it as convenient as possible for your subscribers.

Bugs On Your Website

Or app and tedious checkout procedures can cause friction. Provide ‘guest checkouts’ and request information at checkout, only if needed, for a smoother and faster transaction process. Also, be available to resolve your issues and concerns and provide the necessary solution for a seamless customer experience. Send a series of emails Now that you know the reasons why. Your customers might abandon the products in their cart. You need to create an email automation strategy that works well to win them back. An ideal series of abandoned cart emails should have three emails sent one after the other. Based on your subscriber’s response.

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