9 Effective Strategies For A Better Black Friday Email Campaign

Last year, Black Friday generated a whopping $6.2 billion in online sales and Cyber ​​Monday broke records as the biggest day for online shopping. There is no doubt that Black Friday weekend is an extremely important time for marketers. So what can you do to optimize your Black Friday email campaign strategy? In this post, we’ll go over 9 often-overlooked strategies and tactics to make sure your Black Friday 2019 email campaign is a record-breaking one. 1. Don’t wait for Black Friday Black Friday is moving online and consumers are shopping over a longer period of time. While Cyber ​​Monday 2018 was the biggest day with $7.9 billion in sales, Adobe found that consumers spent more than $1 billion per day between November 1 and 26.

Build momentum by announcing a presale or early access event. This is a great way to let your email subscribers know you’re in the know about something exclusive. Get creative with your strategy with unique deals in the days leading up to Black Friday. Consider running multiple sales or following Amazon’s tactic of only listing specific Cape Verde B2B List for 24 hours. 2. Make sure your Black Friday campaign doesn’t reach spam Did you know that on average 21% of legitimate marketing emails go to spam? Just because your email service provider says that 98% of your emails were “delivered” doesn’t mean they went to your inbox.

For Your Black Friday

And holiday email campaigns to have full impact, your entire email list needs to see them in their inbox. If your domain’s reputation is in bad shape, it’s possible that a large percentage of your emails end up in the spam folder. Remember, a 79% receive rate is average. We have seen cases where a domain’s reputation is so bad that even internal emails within a company were filtered out as spam. With a smart strategy, it is possible to clean up your domain reputation and Black Friday can be a great opportunity to do so. The main symptom of a bad domain reputation is usually below-average engagement, and the solution is to increase overall engagement.

Cape Verde B2B List

If you suspect you may have a problem with emails being spammed, this article outlines steps you can take to improve your inbox rate and clean up your domain’s reputation. Consider using the Black Friday shopping season as an opportunity to run a last-minute revival campaign. If your subscribers won’t even open the best-performing, biggest-discount deals of the year. You should probably remove them from your email list. 3. Personalize your product offers Your subscribers’ inboxes will be filled with Black Friday and holiday sales deals through November. One of the best ways to stand out is to personalize product. Content offerings based on individual preferences using dynamic content.

Dynamic Content Is Code

Inserted into your email that changes based on user demographics, purchase history, or website history, etc. For example, with dynamic content, you can show men’s medium jackets to a person who has shown an interest. In that size/fit on your website instead of sending a generic email. The company Personalize, which makes a third-party tool that allows marketers to. Create dynamic content based on users’ anticipated interests, found that personalized emails increased click-through rates by up to 57%. Check if your marketing automation platform supports dynamic content. If so, take the extra time to put it to work.

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