5 Ways You Can Use Email To Build Your Brand And Improve Sales

A carefully thought out email marketing strategy is a great tool for building brand awareness and increasing sales. Email marketing is perhaps the most affordable marketing channel. It gives you complete care of your customers and prospects. Email marketing analytics are easy to measure and the content of an email message can be changed instantly when needed. In addition to driving sales, email marketing can build your brand, convert customers into loyal followers, and establish you as a trusted authority. And that’s why using emails to simply announce a sale or send out a newsletter doesn’t even come close to fully exploiting the true potential of email marketing.

Here are the five most important things to do with email to build your brand and increase sales. 1. Ask permission No brand can grow if it ignores the preferences of its customers. Before you start sending them your drip email campaign, always make Poland B2B List to ask if they want to receive your emails. Not asking for permission puts you at unique risk: the very recipients you want to convince may report you as a spammer. (In any case, regulations like GDPR make permissions mandatory.) Please note that how you request permission is critical. The Onion , in the following example, seeks confirmation in a positive way without going overboard. How it impacts your brand: It shows that you care about your customers and put them above everything else.

Strengthens Your Brand

As a business or company that voluntarily complies with the law. How it impacts your sales: If you send emails without looking at the recipients’ preferences, chances are your recipients won’t read your email. That greatly increases the risk of being labeled a spammer. Therefore, the first step to selling by email is to ask for permission. After all, emails can only generate business if they are read. 2. Create a strong landing page to support your emails. Email marketing requires you to start with the end in mind. Before you draft your email, ask yourself: where do I want my readers to go after they’ve read the email? Your landing page is an important part of your marketing funnel. Your landing page is where you want your subscribers to land when they click on the CTA within your email.

Poland B2B List

How it impacts your brand: If you’re wondering how to build a brand using emails, here’s your first lesson: Your landing page design needs to be consistent with your email. Always make sure the aesthetic of your landing page design matches that of your email. Soon, your subscribers will come to identify the design with your brand. If your email and landing page are drastically different from each other in terms of aesthetics and design, visitors might believe they’ve landed somewhere else and will quickly leave. Take a look at the two images below (source: MarketingProfs). The one on the left is the email, while the one on the right is the landing page.

Take A Look At How

Used color and design to create a seamless visual experience so your journey from email to landing page is seamless and natural. How it impacts your sales: A visitor on your landing page has shown some intent to explore your product further, so they clicked on a link and landed there. A persuasive headline coupled with clever copy and a clear, strong call to action will go a long way in making your landing page more powerful. How much you want to sell from your landing pages depends on your marketing strategy; in some cases, a gentle push works better, while in other cases it will take more effort. If you have a trial version, you’ll want visitors to try it out first.

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