How Brands Should Offer Dedicated Email At Every Stage

Experience builds trust. For a life-threatening disease, I would prefer a doctor with several years’ experience than a recent medical graduate. The same goes for your customers. Unless you demonstrate your expertise in solving their pain points, your business may not chosen. Now, the most common problems that companies face is how to offer experience to someone who interacts with them for the first time. The answer lies in the message your customer receives from you. Purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message in an email have the highest conversion rate (66%), compared to social media, direct mail, and more (Source). So we’ve shown that emails are a great way to showcase expertise, however, delivering expertise isn’t with just one email.

It is built gradually by educating your subscribers at each of the customer journey. Knowledge: the potential customer learns about the brand or product. Purchase: the potential customer buys the product and becomes a customer Iraq B2B List relationships: the brand nurtures the relationship with the customer Retention: the brand retains the one-time customer, making them a loyal one Advocacy: Customers defend the brand on social media and beyond Awareness Stage Emails At this stage, your potential customers are only aware of your brand and some of your products/services. They are curious about your brand and the solutions you have to offer.

Emails Listing The Different

roducts/services you offer and the relevance of what your offer offers to their current problem are what companies should send at this stage. In the following welcome email from Virgin America , the subscriber feels welcome, and the email copy indicates what the subscriber can earn from their emails. They finally the email by providing a relevant link for the subscriber better during their next trip. Virgin Awareness Stage Email Most subscribers at this stage opt for a free route to understanding lockdowns. You can send an email that lists the features the subscriber can take advantage of, as well as what they can expect when they opt for a paid version.

Iraq B2B List

In the following email from Headspace, the subscriber is for opting in to a free trial and is that they can access the content in the trial forever. In the end, they have shown the benefits of choosing their subscription plans. HeadSpace Awareness Stage Email The goal of the emails at this stage is to provide enough information to. The subscriber that they are about to make a purchase. So you need to ‘nurture’ them with emails like. Content Resources: Links to webinars, white papers, how-to videos, eBooks, slideshows, etc. That your subscriber can refer to for more information.

Feature Overview: For Those

Who are experimenting with the free trial. An email listing the different features of what you are offering would help them learn more. How-to tips: While your subscribers will love to explore on their own. Offering them how-to tips can help them get a better education. Drip Emails – One of the best ways to nurture your leads. Drip emails are a series of emails that are sent to your subscribers their interaction with your brand. That is, if they download a white paper, email is sent with the option to download an e-book; otherwise, an email with an video will be sent. Purchase stage emails At this stage, your subscribers are contemplating if your brand is a perfect fit for their problems. Would compare what you offer with what the competition offers.

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