Calligraphy Is a Branch of Latvia Phone Number

And art is cross, turning letters and words into illustrative and pictorial artistic creations. Is it the same lettering, calligraphy and typography? Not really, lettering, calligraphy and typography cannot be considered the same although it is true that they all belong to the fiel of writing, they have practically nothing in common between them. Calligraphy writing considered to be the art of writing, which requires very precise strokes, a very steady hand, and hours and hours of practice to be able to master it correctly.

The Creation of Typography

Have you ever considered that each person has a different font? Inesem business school lifelong learning master in graphic design + 60 ects credits more information you may have Latvia Phone Number never thought about it, but the way you write is calligraphy. However, we must not think that calligraphy is only the act of writing, since it is currently becoming, along with lettering, an artistic discipline, in which the technique and materials used play a truly important role in the final results. , providing great artistic quality.

In Terms of the Design of

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Calligraphy in lettering. Typography when you prepare to develop any type of written document, on your computer, what font do you use? If you read correctly, font . If you look at a “type” it is a font, forgive the redundancy, a font style with an established shape, height, size and thickness. Think then that when we talk about typography we are referring to another branch of writing. Dedicated to the design of letters or complete fonts which include upper and lower case letters numbers and all kinds of signs and symbols.

This typographic set is known as a typographic font and it. Thas been create with a common style and characteristics. That make all the letters of each font have a coherence in size and style. So that when it is use a balanced text remains. And orderly, unlike what happens with calligraphy and lettering. As we mentioned at the beginning of this topic when you write a document. For example, in a word you usually use a type of font typography. So without having thought about it. You know a wide variety of fonts such as helvetica times new roman arial calibri.

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