Salesforce Marketing Cloud March 2020 Release

Marketing Cloud and Social Studio, they have five releases per year. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign The following table shows the time of year for the five versions of Salesforce Marketing cloud: BREAK FREE CLOUD MARKETING LAUNCH DATE SOCIAL STUDIO LAUNCH DATE January 2020 release January 25 to February 1 January 25 March 2020 version March 21 to March 28 28th March May 2020 release. After that,  May 30 to June 6 June 6th July 2020 release July 25 to August 1 July 25 October 2020 release October 17 to October 24 October 24th In this article, we will discuss the top 5 features that came with its latest version and try to understand the advantages associated with them.

For the full March 2020 feature list and details, please refer to the link. 1. New category navigation for Einstein products Previously, all Einstein products were under the navigation category called Analytics Builder, but with the latest release, all Einstein products are now aligned under the new navigation category called ‘Einstein’. Similarly, The Personalization Cyprus B2B List has been renamed to Einstein. See the screenshot below for the new navigation category called ‘Einstein’ 2. Interactive Email Building Block A couple of years ago, Salesforce acquired a new company called ‘Rebel’ and this feature was integrated into the Salesforce Marketing platform via API. This feature turns subscriber emails into an extension of the marketer’s website or app and helps collect subscriber data.

Furthermore, It Removes

Friction from the conversion process and thus improves the entire customer experience. Salesforce has introduced a new email form block called the Interactive Email Block. Help improve the subscriber experience by allowing them to fill in the requested details within the email and not on any other landing page. Here are the use cases for interactive emails: 1. Reviews – Marketers can capture product reviews through interactive emails. For instance, Progressive Profiles – Marketers can ask subscribers to request their preferences. 3. Case Form – This can help subscribers create a case from their inbox. In conclusion, 4. Lead Form – This can be useful for creating/updating lead preferences/additional information in the inbox. Some other tips for interactive emails: Be sure to create a reservation status in the email block.

Cyprus B2B List

This block defines what happens if the interactive email is not by the email client. This is necessary as interactive email content is a new feature and may not by some email clients. Always add the landing page you want the subscriber to land on after completing the form. Above all, Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates 3. SMS sending receipts SMS delivery receipts in the data view_SMSMessageTracking. Moreover, This data view is to store the other transactional SMS data points, but this version has some new additions to this data view.

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Tracking data and are automatically by the system. To access the data views, we have to write query activities in Automation Studio. For more details on data views and automation query, visit this link. These are the five new fields to the _SMSMessageTracking data view to track SMS send receipts: Name – This column tracks the name of the message in the plain text UI Shortcode – This column tracks the numeric value of the plain text code SharedKeyword: This column tracks the plain text keyword that a subscriber to send the incoming message. Most importantly, It will be blank for outgoing messages. SMSStandardStatus. CodeIdIn addition, This column tracks SMS send status codes, for example, 2000, 4000, 4500.

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