Salesforce Marketing Cloud May 2020 Release

This article is a continuation of Part 1 of the May 2020 release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In Part 1, we discussed the following features released in May 2020: Pause and resume the ride Alternative address in the sender’s profile Create a mobile audience in the contact builder View live performance metrics for your Einstein products Here in this blog, we will look at some other important features that were added in the May 2020 release. Experiment in Journey Builder with Path Optimizer Until now, there was no option to dynamically update the trip based on the participation results obtained at runtime. With this release, marketers will be able to experiment and tailor the runtime based on email engagement metrics or other results using the Path Optimizer in Journey Builder.

This activity is available in the Flow Controls section and is for all Journey Builder users. With the help of the Route Optimizer activity, the route will continue to work and new contacts entering the route will choose the winning route. This activity will Austria Business Fax List marketers continually adapt to changes in contact behavior and readjust their marketing strategies to better meet their business objectives. Marketers can experiment with various options, such as cadence, frequency and channel, and content to find better options. Marketers can choose to automatically pick the winning route or manually select it while the ride is in run mode. This will ensure that contacts only enter the winning path and not the other options.

The Route Optimizer

Can be placed multiple times to measure the best route with the same trip. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign Interactive Email Form Content Preview Post this new version, Salesforce Marketing cloud users who are creating interactive content in Content Builder sections can preview email form block content in the block properties view. Include CC recipients in forwards Email marketers can now send the email to the subscriber to ensure that all CC recipients in inbound replies receive a forwarded email, use reply address translation in Marketing reply mail management Cloud. All To and Cc recipients with addresses in Reply to Address Translation receive a copy of the email.

Austria Business Fax List

Internet service providers process responses differently, so multiple forwards are possible depending on the provider. BCC recipients do not receive forwarded emails. Create mobile audiences in Contact Builder Marketers can now create mobile channel lists in Contact Builder in Marketing Cloud. Previously, marketers navigated to the respective Mobile Studio to create playlists for a given channel. For mobile multichannel customers, this meant navigating to multiple Mobile Studios to do the same audience building work. Creating mobile lists in Contact Builder once streamlines this process. Attach files with the AMPscript API To attach files as an attachment to emails, marketers use AMPscript functions called AttachFile().

Now, As Part Of This Release

Marketers can convert online files like images to standard attachments. This is available due to the fact that AttachFile() has an optional eighth parameter. This will force the content layout to change from inline to attachment. The default setting is online. The parameter is boolean and the syntax is AttachFile (1,2,3,4,5,6,7, force_attachment) Marketers must have attachments. Enabled in order to use this new parameter. Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates. View live performance metrics for your Einstein products This is a great feature of the Einstein stable Salesforce Marketing Cloud and will help marketers get all their Einstein related metrics in one place. This will eventually help them plan strategically by giving them practical advice.

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