5 Event & Conference Landing Pages That Totally Did It

Events and conferences are not only an extension of marketing strategies, but also an important channel to interact directly with the audience. As marketers, we know that such engagements not only promote your brand, but also build a stronger relationship with customers and prospects as they engage with the brand one-on-one, virtually or physically. Marketers are expected to be proactive and try to cope with change, whether it’s in the midst of a crisis or a last-minute marketing plan change. Although physical conferences and summits have been temporarily replaced by virtual events and webinars, marketers are expected to drive the same conversion rate as before.

We can be optimistic that with social distancing rules gradually easing, it won’t be long before you’re expected to restart your marketing strategy for conventional engagement methods. In any case, there is only one thing that can ensure you reach your goals: a compelling landing page. Why is a landing page essential for your conference or event? A UK WhatsApp Number List page is more than essential for an event. It is a channel to inform, engage and invite the right audience. An event landing page consists of this basic information: What- The objective of the event When: The date and time of the event. Where- The location or platform of the event. Aside from this information, landing pages leverage details about who will benefit from participating in a particular event or who will be the right prospects for the content delivered at the event.

By Giving This Information

You attract the right audience.  Since you now have your prospect’s attention, you can request their information, grow your database, and meet your prospects. Another way to ensure that your subscriber attends the event is by letting them know about the speakers, venue, event highlights, entry fees, etc., which increases your credibility as an event. We will further discuss how to do this correctly. Building a landing page that converts not only requires a great team and other resources, but in addition to industry competition, it also requires marketers to stay one step ahead of the game and stand out in terms of design, delivery capacity and responsiveness.

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For now, let’s take a look at how some brands have defined their event landing pages. What you can learn from them to incorporate into your next landing page design. 1. AIGA Design Conference This AIGA Design Conference 2020 event landing page example is an elegant display of design expertise. The copy is kept minimal, but provides all the details, such as your next application for the same purpose. What would be the benefits of attending the conference, speaker photos and ticket details, etc. The highlight of this landing page is the call to action, which has a simple text “Sign up today”. The CTA is different and grabs the reader’s attention.

It Sits On The Right Side

Of the screen, which is also for a mobile viewer, making the layout responsive. Another main CTA is at the top of the page, which says “Buy Tickets”. 2. Sound on In this example of an event landing page. Sound On has pulled it off despite having multiple action points. There are two reasons for that. This event takes place in two different locations and in two different time slots. Instead of creating two different landing pages, they have used two different colors for each placement. This will decrease navigation abandonments, since all the information from both locations is available on the same page.

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