Content Builder Vs. Classic Content In Salesforce Marketing

Email Studio Classic Content has made a significant contribution to the world of email marketing. However, as it has planned to end support in 2020, you will no longer be able to use it to create classic emails. Salesforce will end support in two main phases. In the first phase, the email studio will retire the creation of classic emails and simple automated emails. The next phase will include the elimination of editing, copying and movement of classic emails. Anyway, the good thing is that you will be able to use Email Studio for the remaining features, namely: Search, view, and send emails in the My Emails folder. Use classic emails for existing trips, Automation Studio automations, and triggered sends. View emails and classic content and send them.

Supported classic content and email SOAP APIs. Making use of Portfolio, Enhanced Portfolio, Microsites and Landing Pages. In addition, you will be able to use the help of the Content Builder tools to create emails. Let’s understand how. An overview of Content Builder Content Builder enables marketers to consolidate images, documents, and content Colombia B2B List a single location for use in the Marketing Cloud. It is a multi-channel content management tool with a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop editor. Content Builder includes not only the content repository or CMS and API, but also the HTML content editor and content management application. Advantages The user-friendly interface helps marketers save time and makes it easy.

Even If You’re Tech-savvy

Well versed with HTML code, you can still create professional emails with the help of Content Builder. It allows the user to see the changes made to the email content in real time with an always present preview. HTML pasting tools like HTML autocomplete, tag matching, color coding, line numbers, and auto-formatting can help create better emails. You can insert code snippets to add links like Forward to a Friend, Open Follow, etc. Simply drag images from your computer into the email template and the image will automatically upload to Content Builder. You can also use the “Email Autosave” feature through which you can automatically save all changes in the editor.

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In case you only want to save the selected changes, you can disable the function. However, Content Builder will automatically save when you navigate to another step. It will be enabled by default so there are no interruptions. Content Builder can be used to create a new email by selecting an existing email. You can use the Scale to fit option on email images and resize the image to the maximum width and height you want. Even if you access emails through Outlook, it will not generate distorted images. Comparison of classic content with Content Builder 1. Assets Content Builder is very flexible when it comes to saving assets as they are saved in a single folder.

Whether It’s Images, Content

Templates, or emails, you can save them all in the same folder if you’re using Content Builder and have a folder structure of your choice. On the other hand, Classic Content requires different folders for different assets like images and media, templates, content areas, and emails. 2. Search and filter functions It can get really frustrating when you can’t find the folder where you imported the image and you’re struggling with tight deadlines. Content Builder’s search function is useful in such cases. You can easily find content blocks, templates, emails, or source files, as Content Builder offers a flexible folder structure.

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