Uplers In Conversation With Tabcorp’s Lee Titchener

It is essential that the email templates you create are unique and attractive, which will make the growing competition stand out. But equally important is designing and encoding foolproof emails (those that render well across all email clients and devices). Uplers design and code beautiful emails that are tested in over 40 email clients so our clients get the best out of every email campaign. Continuing our Customer Speak blog series , we have other customers talking about their journey with Uplers. And again… this is not about patting ourselves on the back, but about helping others facing similar issues .

Here’s what Lee Titchener, formerly CRM Lifecycle Manager at Tabcorp, now CRM Manager at William Hill, had to share: Can you give us a quick overview of your company? READ: Tabcorp is an ASX100 listed company in Australia and the largest Kenya B2B List in Australia. Tabcorp has numerous brands across different industries including TAB and Luxbet (betting), Keno, Trackside and TGS (gaming), as well as a broadcast network that televises all Australian racing meetings and some international races via Sky. Tabcorp is unique from its competitors in that the company has over 4,000 retail outlets in Australia, while the competitors are currently only in the digital space.

What Is Your Role

In the organization and the team? LEE: As a CRM Manager, I manage end-to-end campaign and lifecycle management for all of Tabcorp’s individual brands. Some campaigns can range from a single campaign at a specific point in the customer’s life, to a multi-channel journey consisting of communicating through different channels, including email, SMS, push messaging, Facebook, outbound calls, and direct mail. We want to incorporate, grow and retain our clients, especially in the face of increasingly strong competition. Every decision of a campaign, by which channel and when is based on customer analysis. How long have you been in the email marketing industry? LEE: I’ve been in the email marketing industry for over five years, and many more in online and offline mediums.

Kenya B2B List

I learned to code HTML at work and have created my own eDM templates for various corporate brands. What have been your main challenges related to email templates during a campaign? READ:Most clients will process your email the way you want. However, whenever you want to introduce something new, like a hamburger menu or a countdown timer, I’m sure most people will agree that it’s never easy to fully implement in emails, as not all clients can render the content you want to use. , or will display this content differently than you want it to be displayed. Whether it’s for Outlook 2000/2003, where there are differences from newer versions of Outlook, to try to get emails processed correctly for Lotus Notes, and to work with the finicky HTML rules that Gmail works with, it’s never a process.

Easy To Introduce New Functions

In an Email. What kind of solutions were you looking for to overcome the challenges? LEE: We have used some methods to solve our challenges. First of all, we have used. Continue to use Uplers to help us implement new HTML features in an email. As well as to help us implement new features developed by us that do not render correctly. Uplers is super quick to help us in both areas. I couldn’t recommend them more highly for the price paid for the service! To test new functionality within emails, we use email processing tools to ensure that it is. In each email client. We are to quality. Want to ensure that all potential readers of our email have. A similar experience regardless of which email client they use.

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