How To Increase Conversions With User-generated Content

If you’re a business, have you considered leveraging user-generated content (UGC) in your email campaigns to drive conversions? User-generated content consists of any content posted online by users, including images, videos, audio, reviews, and text. Users create and upload branded posts, increasing your awareness and increasing your reach. That brand can then share that post on their own platform to show social proof and build trust with their new audience. You have likely come across brands sharing UGC on their website and social media platforms. Airbnb often does this on its Instagram, sharing great photos of locations around the world taken by Airbnb hosts and guests.

Businesses share UGC because it’s effective at generating leads and increasing conversions. So why not add user-generated content into your email marketing campaigns too? Why is user-generated content important? Consumers today have tons of options when it comes to the companies they want to invest in. E-commerce makes it easier than ever Ireland B2B List customers to be picky about the brands they interact with. Because of this, it is crucial for businesses today to cater to the needs of consumers and provide them with positive experiences. UGC is important for the following reasons: Build trust in consumers. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of customers trust earned media, like UGC, over other forms of advertising.

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A conscious effort to build strong customer relationships if they hope to convert subscribers and drive sales, and they can’t do that without first building trust. When users see people like them enjoying your products and services, as well as interacting with your brand, it shows them that your brand is trustworthy. If other people like your business, why not? The fear of missing out, or FOMO, will further convince them that they need your products because they want to experience that feeling too. It is versatile. When it comes to how your audience can use your brand to create content of their own, the possibilities are endless.

Ireland B2B List

Whether they’re writing a review, making a video demonstrating the use of your products, or creating brand-related art, they’re also using their creativity to pique the interest of others. Email marketers are constantly looking for new ways to engage users, and UGC makes it easy by creating authentic, personalized content. Email personalization drives a 26 percent increase in open rates that you can’t ignore if you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful. Push consumers through the conversion funnel. A customer must go through all the stages of the sales funnel before they feel confident. Comfortable enough to buy.

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Play when someone makes a purchase decision, and if everything doesn’t line up correctly, it could cost you money. User-generated content takes the guesswork out of consumers. Showing them that people already love your brand’s products and services, which means they will too. Now that we know how user-generated content can grow your business. Let’s go over the different ways you can incorporate it into your email marketing strategy. The Why and How of Interactive Emails at SFMC How to increase conversions with user-generated content 1. Run a contest Have you ever entered an online contest or sweepstakes? If so, you know the publicity it can generate for companies trying to grow their brand and expand their following.

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