10 Click & Convert Banner Design Tips

With the growing challenge in the world of online marketing, making your brand stand out from the vast competition is a difficult task. However, banner designs serve as an attractive medium that can help you increase brand awareness effectively. It is not only measurable, but also low cost. This, in turn, makes it one of the most productive forms of marketing in today’s competitive digital world. So how can you take advantage of banner designs and generate those clicks? All you need to do is follow these tips and you’ll be good to go. 1. Banner size matters The size of the banner plays an imperative role in making your campaign successful. It works to entice people to click on your ad. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for a standard banner size. Take a look at the ideal banner sizes.

336 by 280 This banner size comes in a square shape. 300 for 250 This banner size comes in a medium rectangle shape. It floats on the right side or is embedded within text elements. 300 times 600 This banner size comes in the form of a half page. 320 per 100 This banner size is suitable for mobile banners. 2. Fix banner placement counts Your brilliant Haiti B2B List design and content wouldn’t matter at all if not placed correctly. Therefore, it is essential to place your banner in a place where everyone can see it. The best place to place your banner is in the top half of the page or near the main content of the page. Remember, the effectiveness and beauty of a banner will only produce results if it is clearly visible.

Simplicity Is The Key

Since people spend less than 15 seconds actively on a page online, your banner ad should aim to deliver more from less content. In short, your banner design should have concise copy as well as be simple and to the point. It would make your message clear instantly and give your prospect a complete idea about your brand in the first 2 seconds. 4. Choose the location of the right button Buttons play a critical role in increasing click-through rates for banner ads. Therefore, make sure you place it in the most suitable place. It is usually placed after the copy in contrasting colors. It makes them appear while capturing the attention of customers instantly.

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Remember, buttons are not about being cute and fancy. If you want to motivate your prospects to become loyal buyers, even a simple “buy now” or “find out more” can do the trick for you. Also, button consistency is important across all ads. 5. Focus on sources Banner ads are all about small spaces and have a lot of competition to deal with when it comes to getting customer attention. Therefore, it is important to go big with the title and use a smaller size for the body copy. You can wear something colorful and bold to instantly grab the customer’s attention. Strong typefaces that are easy to read can also help you strengthen your banner game.

Also, Make Sure The Font Size

Is not smaller than 10 points. Keeping your copy to four lines or less can also help you get to the point smoothly. 6. Include an animation in the simple ad Animated banners, compared to static banners, instantly resonate with customers. It’s a great approach to quickly grab a customer’s attention. According to a Microsoft study, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. So, do you see how animated banners can do wonders for your brand? However, make sure your animation isn’t too loud and doesn’t distract the customer from the actual message. Take a look at the animated banner below. 7. Add relevant and appropriate images Your banner ad should have images, photos, or graphics that are relevant to your brand message.

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