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Common that we have the need to scan an invoice , a purchase receipt or some class notes. Mobile phones, in addition to replacing a camera. An alarm clock or a music player, are also capable of replacing Paraguay Phone Number a scanner. Camscanner , with the help of its graphic editor, can take images and. Then edit them so that they look like a real scan and not a photograph. We enhance the white of the paper, correct the perspective and crop. Inesem business school course in photo editing more information it also allows us to choose between different formats (pdf – jpeg) and, of course, share our scanned documents.

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Applications can awaken our artistic vein and can be the beginning to delve into more robust graphic editors that allow us to do professional photo retouching. Special effects for photos one of the funniest applications that we can find is special effects for photos that is specialized in making photomontages . This application offers to transform photos into impressive images full of burning scenes, explosions, with zombies, meteor shower, earthquake tornadoes, bombs, special effects, etc.

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Know how to handle graphic editing tools or we are designers but we don’t have a lot of time to make montages, this application is ideal. It helps us develop our imagination by combining the different options it offers you. It’s worth taking a look. Face warp, enhance your “beauty” now we are going to enhance our beauty . What better way than highlighting some part of our face? This application specializes in distorting the image according to the parameters that we indicate (zoom, deform, enlarge, shrink…). We can compose sensational videos with a comic touch and

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