How To Create A Professional Email Template?

Much of the marketing effort involves encouraging potential customers to read emails and click on the CTA. The emphasis on electronic communication is partly because outbound marketing approaches such as cold calling are becoming less effective. However, people are overwhelmed every day by a flood of unsolicited and unwanted email. As a result, many marketing emails are deleted by the recipient without even reading them. What a waste of all the hard work. To avoid this, it is imperative to break out of the stalemate of monotonous emails and create professional-looking email templates that are more persuasive to the reader. DID YOU KNOW? 59% of respondents say that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions.

This fact makes it even more important to create a professional email that leaves a deep impact on readers. To make things easier for you, we’ll share some helpful tips to help you create professional email templates. 1. Define your brand through email Emails that don’t have sender details are likely to be ignored by your subscribers. Therefore, you Bolivia B2B List include your brand logo and other unique elements of your brand in every email you send. Take a look at Udemy ‘s email examples . They have included their logo at the top left of the email and links to “My Courses” and “Featured” on the right. 2. Put calls to action at the top of the email.

Your Subscribers

Are busy people and to make sure they take action, you need to strategically place your call-to-action in such a way that it grabs their attention. It is recommended that you place the call to action on the first fold to save you the effort of scrolling through the email. Here’s an example from Smartsheet where they placed the CTA at the top to attract maximum attention and get people to watch the videos. 3. Use web-safe fonts in your emails Your email sources must be compatible with various email clients and device types. Therefore, it is a good idea to use web-safe fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Georgia, as they are supported by most operating systems and devices.

Bolivia B2B List

Web fonts, on the other hand, are only supported by email clients like Apple Mail, iOS Mail, Google Android, Samsung Mail (Android 8.0), Outlook for Mac, and Outlook App. So the safest bet is to avoid use fancy fonts where possible. 4. Arrange the text to the right of the images. According to research, your readers are more attracted to images than text. Considering this fact, you should place the image on the left so that the readers see it first. Once they have checked the image, they can proceed to read the supporting text. SHEfinds uses this psychology quite well and includes text to the right of images.

Don’t Add Background

Images Whenever you’re designing a professional email, avoid adding background images like photos, geometric patterns, or similar visual elements. Try to keep email simple and sophisticated. Have a plain background with no distractions. Would you rather send a nice reminder email to win back inactive subscribers on a plain white background that makes the email even more effective? 6. Always include the “View in browser” link There are several cases where users cannot see the images included in the email. This is because email clients disable images sometimes. To make sure all your subscribers can see the live email along with the visuals. You should always have a “View in Browser” link in the email.

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