7 Email Marketing Tips To Help You Create Impressive Financial Emails

Savings accounts, credit cards, loans, well, these aren’t the kind of words that get everyone excited. Rather, many people find finances boring. Adding to the problems is the rigid regulatory environment. Content, however, can help keep things interesting for financial service providers; it can help them better connect with their clients and customers. With smart, engaging, and useful content, financial companies have great scope to drive customer engagement. Therefore, good email marketing campaigns can play a crucial role in creating and nurturing positive relationships with today’s customer.

While this blog is about some practical tips for perfecting your email marketing, to get started, let’s list some of the benefits of email marketing for financial services: Email marketing is arguably the most profitable marketing channel for financial Falkland Islands B2B List providers. Considering the seriousness attached to the industry, it is also one of the most preferred communication channels. As with any other industry, email marketing helps keep your financial business in front of your customers and in their minds. Creative campaigns can help break the monotony associated with the industry.

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To show you 7 useful tips that will help you grab the attention of your email subscribers like never before: 1. Create awesome welcome emails You may have read it hundreds of times, but the welcome email is your first email communication with your subscriber/customer and it should be really good. Surprisingly, most financial service providers skip this crucial step. This simple welcome email from Intuit Quickbooks starts with a nice welcome message and goes on to reveal just the right information a new subscriber would be looking for. With a link to the ‘How It Works’ video and recommendations and ways to connect with them, they’re great! email template Image Source: Really Good Emails.

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Refrain from creating monotonous copy and design While it’s important to keep your email message simple and to the point, it doesn’t need to sound boring, and this especially applies to emails from financial service providers. While everyone understands the importance of savings, not many can handle their finances like a pro. Generating interest in this target audience can be the key to a successful business in this industry; Content can play a vital role here. Acorns knows that millennials aren’t the ones who would save as much as they can for the time after retirement. In this email, they entice their audience to save for something they love to do: travel.

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Make for a fresh and exciting email design. Refrain from creating a drab copy and design Image Source: Really Good Emails 3. Segment and personalize: that’s the way to go Email marketing has left behind the concept of one size fits all. Today, email marketing is all about segmenting your email list and creating personalized content for each subscriber. Segment your subscribers based on the services they prefer or need, the stage they are at in the sales cycle, etc. it can help create relevant messages that promise better engagement and conversion rate. However, here is a warning. You may have a lot of information about the customer, but you need to know where to stop while customizing emails. You don’t want to sound creepy, especially since it’s about their money.

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