A Complete Guide To Creating Facebook Banner Ads In 2020

With its more than 2.5 billion users, it would be a huge mistake if you didn’t use Facebook as a platform to talk about your brand. Although Facebook remains a competitive platform for advertising, you may be surprised to learn that ad prices decreased 6% in 2019 despite a 37% increase in ad impressions. If your calculations are good, this is good news for marketers who can make the most of their advertising budgets. With a multitude of options to advertise on Facebook, be it videos, messages, stories, polls, carousels, it has continued to be a great platform to inform, engage and interact.

Advertising on Facebook has the undoubted advantage of microtargeting your audience and modifying it according to your objectives. A survey by Social Bakers showed that 92% use Facebook as part of their advertising campaign. So if you’re already doing it, you may find some interesting ideas and tips as you read on. And if you’re testing the waters, you’ll Switzerland Business Fax List the right way to do it. Source: Social Bakers Things to keep in mind before advertising on Facebook Budget This is important to determine the type of ad campaign you want on Facebook, which is a daily ad setup that paces spend continuously throughout the day and has a minimum margin of $1 and should be twice your cost per click .

The Other Campaign

Setting option is lifetime for an ad campaign over a particular period of time. Aside from the budget campaign, if you’re outsourcing design or copy, you need to predict the amount of investment you’ll make, the benefits of it, the risk, and how much you can afford. Only then can you proceed to the next stage. Splitting your ad sets and budgets efficiently will help improve the performance of your ads as a whole. Goal The structure and theme of the campaign is one of the key factors responsible for excellent account performance. No matter what the brand or industry, there are three steps in the funnel, with conversion being the primary goal, engagement, and lead generation being two other vital reasons why Facebook Ads matter.

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Target Audience Choosing the right audience and the right time to engage will lay the right groundwork for great ad performance. To do this, you need to know who your audience is, where they live, their interests, time zones, and other similar demographics. Proper naming of all components followed by targeting ad sets so that the audience does not overlap is essential. Failure to do so could hamper your ad’s ability to reach your audience and may result in increased costs. Knowing the right audience will also help you create design and copy for personal and intimate ads. Points to remember when creating a banner ad and setting up an ad Let creative know Ad creative plays a vital role in Facebook advertising as it is a push strategy rather than a pull strategy.

One Of The Biggest Mistakes

Marketers make is running the campaign, even if a creative’s copy exceeds 20%. This affects the performance of the ad and restricts its reach. Therefore, when conveying the design concept or marketing strategy. A marketer must ensure a clear summary and must not commit until the work is justified. Design Recommendations For a banner ad, the banner contains a visual design, a headline, postscript, description. The call to action. Facebook asks users to adhere to given design specifications which are: The text limit should be 125 characters.

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