Custom Dimensions of Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Custom dimensions is a very powerful tool within google analytics that will give you a lot of extra tracking. Power. However, the fact that it’s powerful also means it can be difficult to understand or know exactly what. You can do with it. What are custom dimensions and how do I use and find them in google analytics? What. Are the custom dimensions? Before I get you started, let me first explain what custom dimensions really are usually.

When You Have Added the General Code of Google

Analytics, all the general things will be tracked and you can use the predefined dimensions. Custom dimensions allow you to track additional items. And as the name Belarus WhatsApp Number suggests; they are personalized. This. Means that you can actually specify for yourself what you want google analytics to track. So instead of. Depending on what google analytics gives you, you’re actually able to track everything you think is. Important! You can start tracking the author of each post, or their category or post type.

And Then You Can See How Much Traffic Each Author.

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Type of post, or category gets, for example. Amazing, isn’t it? Configuring custom dimensions setting up. Custom dimensions in google analytics can be a problem because you need to change your tracking code. And that’s something you need a developer for. Or if you’re comfortable with google tag manager, you can. Set up custom dimensions with this awesome tool. Looking for a plugin that can implement dimensions for you.

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