Demystifying The Study Of Automation In Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a B2C [Business to Consumer] marketing automation platform for reaching customers on their preferred channels at the time they prefer with personalized content. In addition, The above activities are mostly customer-facing and performed by marketers, but there are many data-related back-end activities within the marketing cloud that support customer-facing activities. These are done by the system administrator or members of the IT team with technical knowledge of SQL or other scripting languages ​​such as SSJS [Service side javascript]. After that,  According to Salesforce, Automation Studio is a Marketing Cloud application used to execute multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis.

The automation study is also used as an ETL [Extract Load Transformation] tool. It helps to slice and dice data, shift data from one location to another, transform data to another format, slice data, or import/export data to/from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Reporting & Tracking. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List campaign Automation Study Use Cases The automation studio can be used for multiple scenarios or use cases. Similarly, Some of the important ones are below: Send mass emails to customers or prospects after they sign up for marketing activity. Use the SQL join to create a new data extension that contains the data join on a single value in the table.

Send Anniversary/birthday Emails

On a massive scale. Import the data from the external system and save it within the data extension in Marketing Cloud. Send data from the Marketing Cloud to the external system. Export system data called Data Views for reporting and tracking purposes. Activities in the automation studio The automation studio performs the various tasks mentioned above with the function within the automation studio called Activities. In conclusion, There are more than 10 activities with the automation studio. Below is the list: Send email activity SQL query activity Import file activity script activity filter activity. Data mining activity verification activity Data Factory Utility waiting activity Update group activity. Send Push verification activity Update mobile filtered list fire event Let’s help build personalized trips at. SFMC Important Automation Studio Activities. This section will focus on the crucial activities of Automation Studio and describe them along with their use case.

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Send email activity This activity is to send emails to subscribers by choosing the relevant email template. User-initiated email definition. Use case : This activity to send mass emails like birthday/anniversary emails. Data mining activity This activity is to extract data of different types like data extensions, tracking data, etc. Moreover, From the marketing cloud and store them in a specific location. The files are. Use Case – Marketers can extract data from the email system, such as opens, bounces, clicks, etc., for further analysis. They can also pull the engagement data stored in the Data Extension within the Marketing cloud for future use.

Data Factory Utility This Activity

Is to load and transform data from SQL Server environment to destination like Oracle / Netezza environment. File transfer activity This activity is to securely transfer the necessary files from the Salesforce Marketing. Cloud Safehouse to the FTP location. The file transfer activity can also to unzip or decrypt a file that is located in the. Marketing Cloud Enhanced FTP directory. Use Case – Marketers sometimes need to securely send sensitive customer information to external systems in an encrypted format. Therefore, file transfer activity is useful. Most importantly, Filter activity This activity is to filter or segment data on profile attributes, that is. Profile attributes, preference attributes, filters, and measures.

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