Differences Between Free SSL and Paid SSL

Paid SSLs are available in both  DV SSL  (Domain Validation),  OV SSL  (Enterprise Validation) and  EV SSL  (Extended Validation) types. Authentication Level In Free SSL, only the WHOIS
information of the website is validate. For this reason, internet users   should not share sensitive information only on sites with lock icons and http indicators.

In paid SSL types, there is a more Benin Phone Number detailed verification process for the owner of the website: With OV SSL  (Institution Verification), it is verified that the domain name of your website belongs to you and that your business is an official institution. If EV SSL  (Extended Authentication); Apart from the domain name. And corporate official approval, it  is the most reliable. SSL certificate in terms of the level of verification that documents such as your company’s tax plate are examine.

Validity periodFree SSL certificates are valid for a maximum of ninety days. They must be renewe every 3 months. Paid SSL certificates can be purchase for two years .

No technical support is provided for installing the free SSL certificate. For possible problems that may be encounter after SSL is install.

Which Websites Should Use

Confirmation of which organization a website really belongs to cannot be achieve with free SSL certificates. For sites with paid SSL,  company name and green address bar. Indicators in the address bar mean more in-depth verifications are for these sites. These indicators increase internet users’ trust in the brand.

Free SSL Certificate does not cover any guarantee amount in case of a security breach during data transfer. On the other hand, with a paid SSL certificate, your site is insure for such situations.

If your site has a free SSL certificate. Your visitors will see https and a lock icon  in the address bar. With paid SSL, indicators such as your company name.  Green bar  appear in the address bar, depending on your SSL certificate type  .

Free SSL certificate is obtained from websites and organizations such as Let’s Encrypt, SSL for free, Concert, Section, and recently some hosting companies have started to offer free SSL services.

Paid SSL certificates  are provided by hosting companies.  You can buy the most suitable SSL package for your site and your budget by examining our SSL packages with different features prepared according to the needs of  your site.

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Which SSL Type Should Blogs 

A free SSL  certificate will suffice for personal websites and blogs  . You can contact our technical team if you would like us to install free SSL on your website or if you would like help deciding which SSL type to use.

Free SSL certificates  are the best option for many websites that do not collect information about their visitors and do not sell.

However, while it is an ideal choice for those who want to secure their blog and small-scale website, the free SSL certificate has the disadvantages we mentioned above.

In particular, paid SSL  certificates are required for all websites that sell products or services and to which user information is sent  .

Free SSL is included in all hosting packages of Turhost  . All our customers who want to install a free SSL certificate on their website can benefit from this service.

In summary; The free ssl service, which is renewed every 3 months, may be temporarily interrupted due to possible web service interruptions or software errors. In such cases, marking your website as “Not Secure”; “Free SSL” if it will not cause prestige loss or security concerns in terms of your site or the services you offer; It will be the right choice for you.

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