Why Email Is Still King Among Digital Communication Channels

Despite the various communication platforms offered by the Internet, email remains the most important and most used. The popularity is so high that there are people asking on Google and Quora how many email accounts they should have! email is king: how many email accounts should you haveWhen we break down the numbers and take a look at the reporting and analytics, we see that email is here to stay. According to The Radicati Group Inc., the number of email users worldwide will grow to more than 2.9 billion by the end of 2019. More than a third of the world’s population will be using email by the end of 2019.

Email Is King – Annual Email AccountsMore importantly, the amount of consumer email continues to grow not because we simply like to write emails to our friends, but because of its use for notifications, for example, for online shopping, social networking, a variety of apps etc Email was first used in 1971. Some of you, including me, may not even have Kiribati B2B List born back then. However, this unique digital communication channel is now an integral part of our lives. email is king – Long-Live-EmailWhy email is one of your company’s main communication channels Let’s take a closer look at how businesses can leverage email for success.

If You Have An Online

Business, you put a lot of effort into acquiring traffic to your website. But what do visitors do once they have landed there? A vast majority of them (98% according to HubSpot) browse and leave without completing a purchase or making contact with the brand. email is king: the customer journeyWhy? That’s because they’re distracted, they’re not really sure what to do next, or they just can’t find the relevant information on your website at that particular moment.

Kiribati B2B List

If you think of email as a communication channel, which: Customers like to use to communicate with brands. Help marketers educate online visitors Help marketers get to know their audience. Help the audience get to know you It has enormous potential to build strong relationships with customers. Then you know why email is still so important. Let’s do some in-depth research on what makes email marketing strategy a successful. Profitable communication tool for a variety of online businesses. email is king: enter the stageBuilding a high-quality email list is your asset. Building an email list should be at the top of every company’s priority list.

Do You Own Your Facebook Followers

Do you own your Twitter followers? And the answer is obvious, NO! Email, unlike the platforms mentioned above, is something you can control and manage yourself. Its success is based on the idea of ​​permission-based marketing. The basis for this is the use of a legitimately constructed database consisting of. Data from only those subscribers who have agreed to. Receive marketing communications from you. In fact, according to Marketing Sherpa, 61% of consumers say they like receiving promotional emails weekly. 28% want to receive them more often. Once you have your email list building strategies set up. Automated, you are ready to go and now you can monetize the email channel for your business.

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