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This has allowed a spontaneous aggregation of people and who at national level have wanted to join Allour projects towards sustainability which necessarily includes ethics and training as an essential combination to activate a change that is lasting over the years.But that it UK Phone Number takes action as soon as possible because we do not have much time left, if we want to stop the social and environmental degradation and start planning a new governance. Today we can say that the Leonardo School of Ethics is a reality of national importance which has a conscious UK Phone Number role and a great responsibility to indicate a path for. True Sustainability, the only one that, detached from economic and personal interests, can actually find an interest collective and non-partisan even if there is no lack of contrasting actions.

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The determination of many people in support of the principles of the Ethical School is however the force that projects us further every day with ideas for concrete actions that will give great social satisfaction. New sustainability standards and metrics: yet another duty or UK Phone Number conscious choice? What purpose and field of application? What connections with the SDGs of the 2030 agenda and the GRI? The presence of people with high professional skills has allowed the production of a standard that has the ability to summarize, in a few pages, the expression of a UK Phone Number series of requirements that develop the thirty-one Ethical and Social Principles (PES) in a simple form, taken as pillars for the prescriptive requirements of Standard SRG 88088: 20. Compliance with the PES is an indication for the implementation of a Sustainability Management System.

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which in fact becomes a modern effective Organizational Model UK Phone Number which leads any Organization towards an increasingly sustainable management. The Certification of a Management System for Sustainability is not an obligation but it is certainly a conscious choice, a possibility to demonstrate, with a third evaluation that you are UK Phone Number on the right path, a way tomeasure the “degree” of sustainability of one’s organization by issuing a rating based on an algorithm that the Leonardo School of Ethics has developed and validated over the years. The Standard incorporates the principles of the 17  of the 2030 agenda and correlates them perfectly with its requirements contextualizing them in the model (Plan Do Act) in favor of organizations.

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