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Decision automantion : the system makes the decision using prescriptive analysis or predictive analysis. Its benefits include speed, scalability and consistency of decision making. AI helps the growth of manufacturing companies. The case of the World Gasket Ellegi Artificial Intelligence as a strategic tool in the decision process finds space in a variety USA Phone Number of sectors including manufacturing. Companies in this sector, in fact, share the need to orient themselves with foresight in the global market and make decisions regarding products and technologies in USA Phone Number which to invest, including machinery and plants. In order to remain competitive, the need to act in advance at a strategic level emerges in order to calibrate one’s offer, define investments and evaluate their impact on revenues.

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SMEs that adopt artificial intelligence solutions therefore acquire a competitive advantage, which allows them to guarantee business continuity, strengthen themselves on the market and seize all growth opportunities. An example is represented by the USA Phone Number World Gasket Ellegi , a Bergamo company of reference for the world of industrial gaskets, which, thanks to the virtual agent “James” from Vedrai , a group led by Michele Graziolispecialized in the development of artificial intelligence-based platforms aimed at SMEs, he has been able to integrate AI into its USA Phone Number decision-making processes. James, in fact, is a “virtual agent” who, thanks to predictive modeling based on machine learning, calculates the future impact of every decision, before it is made, with granular and targeted results.

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The Example Of World Gasket Ellegi

Specifically WG Ellegi needed to understand if the production of a new product was more. Advantageous to start it in the current building or in a new structure. Virtual USA Phone Number agent James was able to provide an overall overview of the company’s. Performance and simulate different budget allocation scenarios, to observe future results on equal. The Leonardo School of Ethics for Higher Education and Specialization has in its DNA the training. Activities characterized by ethical principles that ensure behaviors and actions in line with its own code. OF thics in USA Phone Number compliance with the best practices for management in full sustainability. Together they certainly produce a world made possible by a simple but effective governance aimed at creativity. Innovation well-being, giving and working towards positive messages for a better future.

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