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Email marketing in recent years is more about sending relevant and targeted content rather than sending simple batch and blast emails. It’s no longer a secret that targeted content increases engagement and drives better results. While email automation and personalization have helped marketers create content that is tailored to each individual subscriber, DYNAMIC CONTENT makes it more relevant. Talk to industry experts who have been using dynamic content extensively in their email marketing activities. Thanks to our experts at PowerInbox, NiftyImages, and Movable Ink who have shared their first-hand experience and valuable insights to help you effectively implement dynamic content into your email campaigns to drive sales. Meet the experts!

Jeff_Kupietzky_WEB2_400x400 Kevin – NiftyImages Kristen MoveableInk Jeff Kupietzky CEO | PowerInbox Kevin Linden Co-Founder | niftyimages Kristen Dunleavy Senior Content Marketing Manager | movable ink Experts will guide you through: Common factors to consider when implementing dynamic content in your campaigns. Common mistakes to avoid Tips for those who want to explore with dynamic content in their email campaigns Mali B2B List future of dynamic content in email marketing input box jeff kupietzky CEO Jeff has led PowerInbox since 2012, making the company a leader in real-time email monetization. Jeff began his career as a consultant for McKinsey & Co.

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Leadership positions at X1 Technologies, Digital Insight (Intuit), Siebel Systems (Oracle), and Loudcloud/Opsware (Hewlett-Packard), as well as CEO of Oversee. net. A frequent speaker at digital media conferences, he has also appeared on CNN, CNBC and in many news and business magazines. Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jkupietzky How is Dynamic Content going to revolutionize email marketing in the coming days? Jeff Kupietzky: We believe that emails will go from being one-to-many, static, outdated, and uninteresting to completely real-time, dynamic, personalized, and engaging. Just as the Web has evolved from static original brochures, emails will also become more relevant and engaging.

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This will allow marketers to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time. What are the success factors of using dynamic content in email campaigns? Jeff Kupietzky: We believe that tracking email time and then click-through rate is the best way to measure engagement. As a predictor for increasing revenue. The more time your user spends in the email, the more likely they are to click. The more revenue you earn overall. To drive these engagement metrics. We recommend focusing on use cases that first capture a user’s attention, such as videos, carousels, pop-ups. Other animated elements.

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Does the message reflect the user’s geography, device, or time of day? This will make the email more personalized and more likely to be engaged with. Lastly, focus on email interactivity and allow users to click on an email to engage more. Our clients have seen an average 20% increase in click-through rates when using dynamic content. What key customer data do you think should be considered when creating dynamic content, and why? Jeff Kupietzky: We think there are stages: 1) Objective contextual data: comes from a user when they open the email. Location, device and time to change email 2) Source Data.

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