Email Segmentation Strategies For Ecommerce To Drive Sales

As an email marketer, you should strive to get the most out of your email campaigns. With the best design and content, you try to get your subscribers and customers to read and engage with the emails you send. But are you sending your emails to the right people? An eCommerce business has diverse customers and subscribers with diverse demographics, interests, and behaviors. Therefore, it is necessary to create emails that are as relevant as possible to each individual. Segmentation is an unavoidable part of email marketing for eCommerce businesses. Email list segmentation is one of the most effective tactics for 51% of marketers, according to DMA.

Email segmentation is a bulletproof solution that will help any eCommerce business get maximum engagement and conversions from their subscribers. In this article, we walk you through the various ways you can segment your eCommerce email campaigns and eCommerce email marketing best practices to get the best results for your business. Demography The most basic way to segment your email lists is by demographic data, which Liberia B2B List characteristics like gender, age, income level, position in the company of subscribers, etc. Have them fill out a form to set their preferences.

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From Bespoke Post . The first email they send is common to all of their subscribers and they ask them to set preferences for receiving personalized emails. Bespoke Post Source: Really Good Emails When the user clicks on the “Your Preferences” link in the email, they are taken to a landing page where they are asked to answer a series of questions. Questions are simple with a one click answer. The easier it is for your subscribers to respond, the more likely they are to respond to questions. Bespoke Post Source: Custom Post This way you can create buyer personas and know which emails to send to each subscriber with the same gender, age group and behavior. This will help your brand send only relevant emails that your subscribers request.

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This can also be determined by asking them about their hobbies and interests when signing up. By learning about your subscribers’ interests, you can segment them into relevant segments and send them highly targeted email campaigns. See this email from BirchboxMan. The email has product options based on the subscriber’s preferences and based on the response to this email, they will be able to discover the preferred products of the subscribers. Sending relevant emails will increase the likelihood that they will buy from your website. birchbox Source: Kurated Email Design By giving your subscribers relevant options to buy, you’ll learn about the products or categories that interest them. Therefore, by sending such emails, you will be able to better target your subscribers and improve engagement.

Location Once the Subscriber

Buys on your website, they will know your real address. This will help you send time-based emails by segmenting them based on their geographic time zones. For example, customers in different locations will receive emails at the respective times. When they are most likely to open the email. Also, if your brand is hosting an event in a particular location. Say in the UK, only UK-based customers will be notified of the event. Lou & Gray Source: Milled Additionally, targeting a particular geographic location also allows you to send relevant weather-based emails to subscribers. This email from Lou & Gray is one of those location-based emails. This email is sent to customers who want to view or purchase your collection of winter sweatpants and sweatpants.

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