Email A/B Testing: Everything You Need To Know!

As the famous proverb says, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, it’s important to keep moving forward, whether in life or in your email marketing campaigns. Stagnation in terms of serving the same type of emails to your subscribers, just because the emails were received well and got amazing open rates before, is no longer acceptable. It is important to modify your emails according to current trends. But here’s the kicker: how do you find out what clicks with the most of your subscribers? The answer is: testing your options or what email marketers prefer to call… “A/B Test Your Email Campaign” Email A/B testing is basically launching an email campaign with another version of the same email campaign by making changes to a single element.

One version is sent to one set of subscribers and the other to another set of subscribers. The winner is decided based on the metrics collected. The effectiveness of A/B testing your email campaigns lies in the fact that while changing a single item doesn’t make a drastic change to the email, there can be a tremendous change in the response rate of Western Sahara B2B List campaigns. bells. Also, for accurate results, it is essential that you change only one item at a time. To test more than 2 versions of email simultaneously, multivariate testing is the best approach. What items can be A/B tested?

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Up of several small components and there is a possibility to test each and every one of them. But marketers generally tend to test the following components: call to action subject line email design Customer reviews or testimonials Personalization opportunities body text Placement of images Shipping time and day Rich Media Email vs. Plain Text (Yes, Even This Matters) Preparing to A/B Test Before A/B testing, it is important to map out your strategy as in which component will be tested what the size of your test group should be (your test segments should be large enough to achieve statistical relevance).

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The time period between the time of sending and the time of analysis the metrics to analyze the winning campaign Once you’ve mapped out your strategy, it’s time to put it into action. Fortunately, most ESPs have the provision for A/B testing of their emails built right into their email editors. Let’s see how it works in MailChimp: You just need to select a new campaign and choose A/B test. (PS: With this option, you can only choose to test between subject line, sender name. Email content and send time) Send an AB email testing your Mailchimp campaigns Send an. AB email testing your Mailchimp campaigns On the A/B campaign page, choose which item to test. What percentage is your target group size, and the metrics to consider after the time period.

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The emails will still be sent to the selected percentage and the winning email. Based on the selected metrics, will be sent to the rest of the list. Send an AB email testing your Mailchimp campaigns Depending on which item you choose to A/B test. You need to enter the alternatives in the settings section (as shown above). In the email template (in the case of an email copy). For the rest of the components, like call-to-action copy, email design, image placement, send times. Plain text version, you’ll need to create two different campaigns with variations. Segment your email list based on the size of your target group and analyze manually.

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