Email Automation For OTT Platforms: Encourage Subscribers

We live in the age of OTT. OTT or Over-the-top services that offer diverse ‘video-on-demand’ content on their online platform have gained immense popularity over the past decade, handily eliminating the need for a TV at home. Interestingly, the OTT market is expected to reach $167 billion by 2025. ott tv and video revenue by source These figures have also been influenced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an exponential increase in the audience and subscriptions to the different OTT streaming channels. The entire television industry and cable companies have been disrupted with the rise of the on-demand media industry. It is estimated that 34.9 million American households will have canceled their cable services by 2023.

Competition in the industry is increasing and due to the competitive bottleneck it is important to reach the right people and have an effective marketing strategy. Emails can form the perfect foundation for this strategy, being the most powerful Australia Business Fax List channel of all. So how can you implement email marketing the right way? As clichéd as it sounds, the answer lies in sending the right email at the right time to the right person, and that’s possible through user lifecycle mapping and automation of your email program. Before we talk about email automation, let’s talk about how to entice your customer base to “sign up.”

Both Platforms Netflix

And Hulu have a neat way of getting subscribers for your list. Netflix directly asks for the email address to create the account, while Hulu has a clear call to action asking the visitor to start their free trial. Netflix hulu Once you have an organically built list, you need to focus on getting maximum subscribers to buy the premium subscription from them. In addition to posting on social media channels, you should regularly send personalized email communications to stay in touch with your audience. You can also share the latest shows you have added on the platform. Let’s start our automation journey with the first email your subscribers expect from you: the welcome email. 1. Attract the subscriber by welcoming them and introducing them to your services.

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It goes without saying that as soon as a subscriber signs up or starts the free trial, you should send a welcome email that makes the subscriber feel welcome and lets them know what your platform is all about. Sending a series of welcome emails is always recommended, and of course the OTT industry is no exception. See how Hulu greets new subscribers and shares their subscription details in the first email of the welcome series. The email also includes how they can enjoy Hulu in the living room. Tells the user about their mobile app. At the end, they highlight their successful TV shows with a clear call to action. hulu template The goal of your next email is to encourage users to access Hulu from other devices.

While The First Email

Would ask the subscriber to “start watching”, this email would have them “find their devices”. Enjoy their favorite shows on the screen of their choice. Hulu email template Often it happens that the user registers but does not complete the subscription. For those subscribers, you can send a reminder email asking them if they have any concerns. It would reassure customers and remove any objections they might have in mind about the subscription. The call to action in red, in this email from Netflix. Instantly draws attention and increases the likelihood of being clicked. Netflix for 2. Inform the subscriber about any update in their subscription details or unauthorized login. Whether the subscriber adds a phone number or makes any changes to their billing details. Sending an email notification about it is of the utmost importance.

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