A Guide On How To Design Your First Email Campaign With Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been around for 18 years and is loved by people on the internet. It has grown from a simple small business solution to a multi-million-dollar revenue generating company and owes its success to the passion of its people and the incredible benefits it brings to its customers. So if you’ve recently signed up for Mailchimp or are considering giving it a try. This guide is for you: We’ll show you how to create your first Mailchimp email template, and along the way, you’ll learn how easy it is to run such campaigns and all the benefits you can get from Mailchimp.

Let us begin! Once you’ve created your Mailchimp account and added subscribers, you’ll click ‘campaigns’ in the top left corner of your Mailchimp dashboard. You will then proceed to click ‘Create Campaign’ and choose ‘Email’ as an option. Here Belize B2B List have the option to name your email and even decide what kind of html email template you want to create. You can choose between a regular email, an automated message, or a plain text email. You can use regular emails to keep customers informed and send them the latest news or product updates. Automated emails are very helpful when you want to increase customer engagement rates.

With Automated Emails

You can welcome new subscribers, send thank you messages when they make transactions, and also send a birthday wish. Plain text emails are recommended when you want to send simple personal messages to your recipients. After clicking get started, you’ll be directed to an email builder who will help you build your campaign, step by step. If you start chronologically, you will first choose your audience. These will be the subscribers you added to your Mailchimp account. Mailchimp gives you the flexibility to choose groups of people from different stores and/or from different audience segments.

Belize B2B List

You can even add a personalization field to your email by opting for options like displaying your contact’s name when they receive your email. Studies have shown that the more you personalize your emails, the better your chances of attracting readers. Step 2 – Choose your email and your subject The next step is to choose the name of the sender and the email you want your recipients to see. After that, you will decide on your subject line. The subject line is a key part of designing an effective email campaign. A reader takes just a few minutes to decide whether to open your email based on the subject line.

So Be Sure To Create One That

Grabs attention Arouses curiosity Offers something irresistible When designing your subject line copy, keep these elements in mind and you’ll increase your chances of high open rates. Step 3 – Design the actual content of your email This is where the real fun or work lies. Click the “Email Design” button to go to the next page. You can choose to style content in various ways. You can click on the ‘Layouts’ tab where you will select a template for your email. Mailchimp lets you choose email templates based on purpose (sell products, advertise, educate, etc.) or by format (1 column, 1:2 column, plain text, etc.) You can also filter templates by theme to match with an exact purpose or event for your email.

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