How To Optimize Your Email Campaigns For Better

Email marketing is the bread and butter for most marketers when it comes to engaging with their prospects and customers. Emails can be segmented, personalized and automated while keeping the conversation with the customer relevant. However, to keep your emails effective, it’s important to understand the added value you bring to your subscribers. We had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Burstein (Senior Director, Content and Marketing, MECLABS Institute), where he provided insights on optimizing email campaigns and the impact of each email element on increasing conversion rate. Here he can learn about the importance of optimizing your email marketing campaigns and how to craft your emails to improve conversions, based on a methodology based on 20 years of research and testing.

Optimizing the email campaign is a process Email is a communication mechanism between two landing pages. The first landing page / form is the option to convince people to interact and contact you. The second landing page comes into the picture Philippines B2B List an email achieves the goal of arousing the subscriber’s interest and the landing page guides/provides additional information. So the general process to follow in an email campaign is: Capture the email address of relevant prospects Get them to open your emails Entice them to click on your call to action Provide more information on the landing page.

So The Hierarchy

To follow when optimizing your email campaigns is: Email Capture > Email Opens > Email Clicks > Landing Page Provide added value to your email capture The function of an email capture form or any other opt-in method is to show prospects that the issues you are currently facing are worth having a conversation with. Also, the email capture tool should show prospects that there is more value compared to the cost of signing up. While your subscribers don’t pay money to be added to your mailing list, the cost, in this context, is your email address and the risks or fears that come with sharing email addresses, as email marketing is famous for spam. The cost of taking time out of your schedule to check your email.

Philippines B2B List

Therefore, you need to provide enough value to the subscriber on the lead capture page, to exceed the subscription cost. Ideally, you should start by collecting the name and email address when your prospects sign up. You now send them a welcome email asking them to complete your profile. This helps you get more accurate information about your subscribers. At this point, you may experience some slight friction as most people might not be willing to share their information, and by letting them know that you’ll be able to serve them better with polished email copy, you can greatly reduce missing information.

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Depending on your industry and what you offer. You can also do progressive profiling where the page your subscriber visits will progressively ask them to fill out. A new form field each time they visit. For example, the first hit collects the name and email address. The subsequent hit asks for the company name and employee strength. The next visit asks about what products they might be interested in learning more about. In this way, you progressively collect additional information about your subscribers. It is only possible when you have reasons for subscribers to visit you repeatedly. Optimize your emails For emails, in general, there are many factors that influence performance and efficiency.

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