6 Best Practices For Improving Email Deliverability In SFMC

Emails are the best marketing channel any marketer can ask for. Compared to other marketing channels, it has the ability to send automated emails with personalized communication depending on the recipient. All you need to email your subscribers is their email address and explicit permission to send them emails of their interests. Also, thanks to the different tools and integrations, you can easily track the progress of your subscribers and customize more interactions. All of this power comes with an equivalent liability, failure that affects your revenue and ROI. Failure to follow certain email delivery practices leads to blacklisting that affects the ability of your emails to reach a recipient’s inbox. Email deliverability. Be sure not to confuse it with email delivery.

Email deliverability rate is the percentage of the number of emails delivered divided by the number of emails sent. In this article, we’ll educate you on the different best practices to follow to improve email deliverability while using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). 1. Make your subject line catchy Email subject lines are the best place to start your Bulgaria B2B List to improve email deliverability. Whenever someone receives an email, they always read the subject lines to decide if the email is worth opening. Therefore, it is the first point of interaction between you and your subscribers. In case you’re wondering how email subject lines can affect email deliverability, here’s how it works. Unless the subject line doesn’t spark curiosity, the subscriber may not be motivated to open it.

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Of people don’t open your emails for a while after they’re sent, ISPs start to suspect that you’re sending spam. You will closely monitor your sending volume and compare it to open rates. Going one step further, it will also examine the frequency of sending and reduce the number of emails that arrive in the inbox. In due time, your emails end up in the SPAM folder instead of the inbox. That is when the damage becomes irreversible. Action : Use subject lines to send clear email intent. You can use subject lines to generate curiosity, but make sure it’s not miscommunicated as spam or clickbait. Use Email Studio’s Content Detective tool to help you identify spam triggers in your email content, if any.

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Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign 2. Recognizable name and address of the sender Since emails are the digital counterparts of physical letters, most rapids are also to emails. It has a sender name and a sender address, which in this case is the sender’s email address. After the subject line, the FROM name is the second thing a subscriber notices. Along with the previous point, assuming the subject line wasn’t capable of generating curiosity, the FROM name may be the saving grace. A recognizable FROM name can build enough trust for the email to. Certain email clients display the sender’s address instead of the FROM name.

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To mention a non-suspicious FROM address along with a recognizable FROM name. Action : When setting up an email campaign in SFMC, you have the option to specify the name and FROM address. Enter the details appropriately. 3. Encourage whitelisting When ISPs suspect someone of sending spam emails, they “blacklist” the specific IP address or sender address. The reverse of this occurs when a subscriber takes an action indicating that the email was and is not SPAM. This is White List. When dealing with declining email deliverability, subscribers’ actions, such as adding their email address to their address book or whitelisting their emails in their email clients, inform ISPs that your emails are valuable to them.

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