[Updated] 13 Email Design Best Practices To Jump Start

Relevant images, sharp text, what happens in the design…. ugh ! _ Email design can be tricky. But it is equally important as it generates results and income. A well-designed email template with all of its elements in the right place ensures that it will be opened and read. So what do you need to do to make sure your email design is perfect? Take a look at these email design trends we’ve noted to make sure you’re on the right track. 1. Story Templates Choosing the right template for your email is one of the most important factors to consider when designing an email. According to a latest study from Litmus , 56% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to choose a single column or mobile responsive template. A misaligned email could significantly skew your ROI.

Test your emails on devices with different screen sizes; just like our expert email developers do. 2. Layout of dimensions Ideally, your email components (email copy, images, and call-to-action buttons) should fit within a width of 600 pixels, even Norfolk Island B2B List a full-width email. For mobile devices, design your emails in a single column layout, making it compatible with multiple devices. The optimal width when designing a layout for mobile is at least 320px and 640px for retina. 3. Font data: what type, what color It’s essential to keep your design professional, so use fewer than four font types in a single email.

A Good Practice

Is to use one font style for the headlines (a fancy one to grab attention) and another (a plain font) for the body of the email. If possible, stick to system fonts. As for font colors, again restrict yourself to fewer than four to keep that formal touch. A light colored background is best as it enhances the colors of the font. 4. Of name and address: it belongs to us! People tend to open emails when they recognize who the email is from. Be sure to use your brand name from the name and identifiable email address from the address. ‘Rue La La’ is the brand name and ‘ [email protected] ‘ is the brand address in the example below.

Norfolk Island B2B List

Email design best practices- From address 5. Subject line customization A personalized subject line delivers 26% higher unique open rates overall, according to a study by Experian. Email marketing tips- subject line personalization open rate Source: Experian Marketing Services Be brief (50 characters or less), clear and crisp. The use of capital letters, special characters and unwanted words should be avoided when creating a subject line. Here is an example of Facebook subject line customization: Email marketing tips- subject line personalization Sometimes even a custom subject line might not be able to unlock the full potential of your email. Regular auditing of your emails helps you tweak your emails for better conversions.

The Preview That Line That

Appears below your subject line in the inbox is the preview/pre-header text. Try to limit it to 75-100 characters. More importantly, the first 5-8 words play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the readers and beckoning them to open the email; make sure you give your best when writing this text. 7. Call to action: let it take center stage Arguably the most important part of an email when it comes to conversions, it should be placed in the top half of the page because content in the top half receives 84% ​​more attention than content below. It should also receive maximum visual attention. Keeping it short and to the point, that’s the way to write an ideal call to action.

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