20 Pro Email Design Tips Every Email Designer Should Follow

Emails are the way of life. An average email user receives an average of 73 emails every day . And most importantly, there are multi-person efforts behind every email, such as: An email marketer that strategically uses a smart subject line and optimal send time to improve open rates. An email designer that expresses creativity with beautiful email layouts that convey information in an orderly manner to improve click-through rates and user experience. An email developer, who encodes the email and includes any interactivity to improve user interactions and tests rendering to ensure a good user experience.

Since emails are so important to an email marketer, Uplers has compiled 20 email design pro tips to help you get the most out of your emails. We’ll see: email type Tip no. Tip #1 – The first step in creating an email is to understand the type of email you’re designing. Welcome Emails – First interaction with your subscribers and therefore should have Nigeria B2B List text and relevant images that orient the subscriber to your brand. Intro/Feature Emails – These types of emails have a lot of images and can also have a video embedded. Newsletter emails – These emails provide a summary of the updates your subscriber wants to know about and therefore should contain text with occasional images.

Promotional Emails These

Emails focus more on announcements and promoting a sale and will have attractive images and less text. Transactional Emails – These emails are triggered by a user’s behavior based on purchases and may have a 20% promotion. These emails will have images of the products and the text related to them. Email Structure Having finalized the email type, we move on to the structure of the email. Tip no. Tip #2 – 600 pixel email width is a thing of the past. With more and more devices running screen resolutions higher than 800px, it’s time to create emails that take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

Nigeria B2B List

Since webmails have a display pane that prevents the email from taking up the full width of the screen, constrain your email content to within 800px width and fill the remaining space with a background color or font. image. Secret Escapes – Email Design Tips – Full Width-min In the above email from Secret Escapes , the main image covers the entire width of the email, and the rest of the email copy is contained within a smaller width column. Tip no. Tip #3 – Have consistent brand assets. Create a separate template containing the header and footer of your emails that can be used over and over again. This way, you won’t have to spend time creating a new header and footer for each email you create.

Typo Email Design Tips

Branding Assets 1-min Typo – Email Design Tips – Brand Assets 2 minutes As you can see from the two examples above. The header and footer section is the same and for more emails. Tip #4 – Stick to a one-column layout. Creating responsive emails is a must, and this will reduce the headache of organizing email elements for mobile design. Tip no. Tip #5 – Since most email developers encode their emails using <table> to maximize compatibility, it’s good practice to layout your emails in a grid to better understand. The placement of different email elements. Ivroy Ella – Email design tips – Grid Design-min As you can see from the email above. It has been in a grid style so elements. Email Content Tip #1 Tip #6 – Maintain a visual hierarchy.

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